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  • Comments Thread For: Globetrotting Otto Wallin 'always trying to make the most' of boxing

    Otto Wallin isn't much for bluster. In a heavyweight division loaded with big mouths (Tyson Fury), big personalities (Oleksandr Usyk) and big brands (Anthony Joshua), Wallin stands in contrast - quiet, thoughtful and filled with gratitude.
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    He is a "B" level fighter to be sure, but he is carving himself out a really nice career. He is active, and has made a couple of great paychecks. He is not quite in the gatekeeper role yet. But it does feel like he is settling into that level- beat the scrubs, lose to the really good. But he seems to love what he is doing and also seems to have all his mental sharpness still firing on all cylinders. Good for him.
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      I have always liked Otto. He doesn't have much power and his ceiling is just below championship level but he's willing to fight anyone anywhere. He has enough skills to make him dangerous for contenders at a certain level. Hopefully he gets some more big fights.



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        Wallin ruined his career by banking too much on beating AJ. He was always convinced he could do it but never wanted to step up and fight the guys inbetween first. Now what has he got to fall back on? Should have got some better opponents under his belt first.


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          I always liked Otto but found he should of been much more active to actually capitalize after his fight with Fury


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            Journeyman gonna journey.

            He was cherrypicked by both Fury and Joshua for a reason; he's pooh.

            They both handled him with ease bar the cut Fury got. Parker would beat the brakes off this guy as would Zhang and Kabayel. Even the dubious Doobie would give him a good pasting.

            It's great Wallin gets to see the world and make some coin but he ain't no world beater and pretty much turns up for the cheque and a name loss on someone elses resumé now.

            Seems like a good dude who likes getting punched in the face for a living.