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Comments Thread For: Bill Haney Calls for Ryan Garcia to Be Hit With Lifetime Ban From Boxing

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  • Comments Thread For: Bill Haney Calls for Ryan Garcia to Be Hit With Lifetime Ban From Boxing

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    He's never getting a lifetime ban because that would be so out of step with how boxing punishes this. I wouldn't argue with a four-year ban, but I imagine it will be 18 months to two years.

    The lack of a unified oversight for boxing means any ban is kind of weak regardless.


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      2 year ban with a no contest to the win. Stop defending cheaters. Ryan has ruined boxing. His next fight he should forced to fight boots ennis so he can get i knocked out permanently.
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        yeah playing the victim card. Garcia beat Haney, period.


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          theres some idiots on here boots is garbage cant knock out a decent w**k overhyped e-mail champ put him in with norman jr


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            Bill has been party to causing a lot of misery from his own drug dealings so it's hard to listen to him on any level , BUT if Garcia can not reasonably say how this drug may have entered his body , under a strict liability procedure and before a recognised governing body , then I'm all for him and anyone else found cheating to be banned for life.


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              It was fine to rehydrate illegally from 140 to 165 several times when in fact rehydrating from 140 the legal cut off is 161 and thats being very generous and would be an extremely rare natural rehydration

              Devin has been cheating since he got with snac..

              Sunny edwards tried to expose these guys and got zero attention from any real fans

              Devin has only been rehydrating unaturally since getting with snac so you guys do the math

              Look at his body when he touches gloves after rehydrating from the day before 25lbs

              No muscle loss,ripped to the bone its not natural at all

              Seriously wouldnt be suprised if in fact the sample that has ryans name on it was switched with haneys sample by an inside rat
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                What else did you expect Bill Haney to say? I mean Ryan is guilty as sin. Even his most ardent supporters know this.

                Ryan even admitted himself. He said “ I was high as fuck once I got in that ring with Devin Haney”.

                How self-incriminating can one be?
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                  Originally posted by thebrownbomber_ View Post
                  Ryan has ruined boxing.
                  Boxing has been ruined long before Garcia had even laced up for the first time, why put the blame on him?

                  Teddy Atlas' view is interesting. Suggests that Garcia was not in a good place and may have doped out of desperation just to make him feel like he could compete, otherwise he might have been pulled out or dominated by Haney. That's how I interpret what he's saying anyway. but Teddy loves Garcia so maybe he's speaking out of disappointment.

                  My view is that Garcia just thought **** it, he'll live how he wanted to live in the build up, bad place or not, he didn't give a damn, lulling people into thinking he wasn't taking it seriously, but stayed confident because he knew he had doped so it was all good. Any boxer of any calibre knows that the way he approached the fight was messed up. Don't tell me he didn't know this himself. And in comes Victor Conte.


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                    The test results are shady so small amount so close to the fight it’s just not anything someone who dopes would do