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Comments Thread For: Did Bigger Make Better? Ryan Garcia Overpowers Devin Haney in Shocker

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  • Originally posted by Smash View Post

    if ryan had to make the correct weight it may well have had an impact in the ring the next day
    If Ryan had been more professional he may well have been in better condition, made weight and performed better.


    • Originally posted by thebrownbomber_ View Post
      Boots will do bad things to him.
      First easiest was Marquez. You know when Floyd intentionally came in over the contract weight and didn’t attempt to sweat out the last two pounds. Straight unprofessional and cowardly, seeing that we’re on a thread about Ryan failing to make weight.

      Even so, Marquez who was older and smaller gave a better account for himself than Haney. You’re pro-black and your boy got his ass handed to him. He and his loudmouth fighter had this coming.


      • Originally posted by Apollo7 View Post

        If Ryan had been more professional he may well have been in better condition, made weight and performed better.
        oh i see, you are turning it around on me lol

        we will never know now because ryan seems to be going to 147 which will change things again

        if what u are saying is true, then haney must be hopeless and ryan only scratching the surface of his talent


        • as soon as devin felt that power he never recovered, he had no answers for the left hook. his guard is too easy to punch through and cant really fight going forward... hopefully he works on the holes in his game, he benefited from fighting smaller guys, but against men his size who have power we saw who he really was, im not gon dog the man out and call him a bum, he won some rounds but he needs to add another trainer and upgrade his game.


          • Originally posted by STREET CLEANER View Post

            I don't know if he did but if he said that he should commit to his word.
            Let's see what he does. The guy can be annoying.


            • It was an entertaining fight, but ****** in so many ways. Okay, the weight bully Haney got a taste of his own medicine. Ryan wins, but gets no belt out of it. Ryan also has an asterisk next to the win because he didn't make weight. Would Ryan making weight have changed the outcome? More than likely not.

              At the end of the day, the fight felt useless since Ryan got nothing out of it besides "props" for beating a smaller guy who normally outweighs his opponents on fight night by not making weight himself and in return, turning into the weight bully, lol. This is new age boxing for you.
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              • Originally posted by megas30 View Post

                You don't know what you are talking about. Tell me something Garcia did outside those three knockdowns?
                Beat the stuffing outta that turkey.


                • Glad Garcia won, but cannot ignore his not making weight. Of course it made a difference. That’s why Tank demanded a rehydration clause. That’s why Canelo had trouble with a bigger Bivol who is also talented. Only Pacquiao who’s naturally smaller than the welterweights he faced made it look like it didn’t matter. But it does.
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                  • Originally posted by Eff Pandas View Post

                    I think Ryan has always had focus/bipolar or whatever issues. I don't foresee that changing. Hell you could argue embracing his adhd just lead him to the best performance of his career. He needs to talk about aliens & pedo sh^t during every camp & fight like he might give away the fight one rd or KO his opp the next.
                    Yer but he was totally wacked on Tiktok like seriously sounded like he needed a padded cell and a strayjacket lol just because he won the fight on the weekend doesn't mean he is doing okay behind the scenes.


                    • Originally posted by letsgochump View Post

                      Turns out Haney is even more overrated. He faced a guy his own size and voila he is collecting himself off the floor and hugging for his life.
                      I'm not a fan of either guy but I'm baffled how Haney lost since he is the better fighter (beat Regis and went the distance with Legend Lomachenko), it's like he wasn't fighting his normal self. And then gets beat by mental drunk, instagram, worldstar Ryan. whaaaaa? Bizarre fight.