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  • Comments Thread For: Prenice Brewer Impressed By Shakur Stevenson: 'No One Wants To Fight That Man'

    Young trainer Prenice Brewer is impressed with Shakur Stevenson. Brewer served as a chief second in the corner of Jared Anderson this past Saturday as Anderson defeated Ryad Merhy via a 10-round decision from the American Bank Center in Corpus Christi, Texas.
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    Yeah that's the thing about shakur his fights can be dull to watch if he's being very defensively minded and being negative but it's still a talent to be able to do it. For as boring as the de la Santos fight was to only have you're opponent land 40 punches on you an never land no more then 5 punches on you a round in a 12 round
    ​​​​​fight is pretty impressive and takes alot of ring IQ to do it
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      "No One Wants To Watch That Man"

      Fixed it for you.
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        Stevenson is a punk, he is only offensive when he is punching defenseless people on the ground and swinging punches at women. Boxing does not need him, a punk and a boring punk. He should have gotten jail time. Money and Uncle Bob kept you out of jail.


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          Shrimp Zepeda wants to fight him and so does vaquero navarrette
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            Maybe Shakur is so used to the amateur style of scoring, and overly concerned with defense, that he isn't naturally gifted offensively. Those gifts may have been suppressed by a training regimen that places top priority on defense.

            I don't know, but it is terribly painful to watch a whole fight of his.
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              “It is plain and simple, no one wants to fight that man,” said Brewer of Stevenson. “The only person that said they want to fight him and will eventually fight him is Tank [Gervonta Davis].”

              Next fight will be Shakur's LAST FIGHT with Top Rank! Contract is done! Hopefully we'll see Tank vs. Shakur in 2024!!! LET'S GO!!!


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                Originally posted by Robi13 View Post
                Shrimp Zepeda wants to fight him and so does vaquero navarrette
                Shakur Stevenson Accuses Oscar De La Hoya of Bad-Faith Dealings on Possible William Zepeda Fight
                BY BEN BLACKWELL
                Published Thu Mar 28, 2024​

                Lightweight titleholder Shakur Stevenson has accused Golden Boy Promotions chairman and CEO Oscar De La Hoya of using his name to benefit the promoter’s own fighter, William Zepeda, despite no offer of a matchup between the two fighters being immediately forthcoming.

                Zepeda (30-0, 26 KOs) was recently in action March 16 against Maxi Hughes, defeating the Englishman in the fourth round.

                After the fight, De La Hoya alluded to having contacted Stevenson’s representatives to discuss the possibility of a matchup with Zepeda, which Stevenson (21-0, 10 KOs) has stated he is open to exploring.

                A post on De La Hoya’s X social media account read: “Shakur, you said nobody wants to fight you. Well, check out William Zepeda on Saturday night on DAZN. He is begging me [that he wants] to fight you.”

                Stevenson responded with a post on his own X account, suggesting that De La Hoya had used the fighter’s profile in bad faith and accusing him of backtracking on a Zepeda fight that Stevenson seemingly believes had been proposed:

                “Yooo oscardelahoya, I still haven’t heard anything yet about Zepeda fighting me on July 6. How can you say my name over and over and not make the fight happen next? Were you using me to promote your fighter fight or?”

                De La Hoya responded with a post insisting that Zepeda was set to make a quick return, and that the promoter would be in touch with Stevenson’s representatives later in the year about a possible matchup with his fighter:

                “Zepeda is fighting soon for the second time this year, I’ll talk to your promoter third quarter of this year.”


                Oscar was name dropping after the Hughes fight, then turned b*tch as usual! Arum doesn't want Shakur to beat Navarrette because he knows Shakur may leave after next fight, and he wants Navarrette vs. Lomachenko instead!


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                  Jared Anderson was almost as boring as Shakur Stevenson.

                  These trainers need to study other fighters instead. Like Crawford for example.


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                    Fans are waiting so make a fight promoters! Nobody can see Shakur if he's in the gym all the time. There is Tank, Teofimo, Haney & many others out there.