Young trainer Prenice Brewer is impressed with Shakur Stevenson.

Brewer served as a chief second in the corner of Jared Anderson this past Saturday as Anderson defeated Ryad Merhy via a 10-round decision from the American Bank Center in Corpus Christi, Texas. 

During the build-up to the fight, and on the telecast, Brewer was credited with being brought into camp and adding a new wrinkle. 

Stevenson will return on July 6 as confirmed by BoxingScene. The bout is thought to take place at the Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey, Stevenson’s hometown. 

Brewer, who was brought into Houston, Texas to help as a second assist for Anderson, got to hold mitts for one day with Stevenson. The clip circulated social media, but the brief session left a lasting impression on Brewer. 

Stevenson’s fight intelligence forced Brewer to think while holding the mitts, and he couldn’t hit Stevenson. 

“His defense is immaculate,” Brewer told BoxingScene. “I was trying to hit him with the mitts, but he knows his range so well."

“The thing with Shakur is he never gets lazy. That is one of the things that makes him such a great fighter. He is locked in the entire time. He is never slipping. Some fighters might fall asleep a little bit and get caught with a shot. Not him. He is always alert.”

Brewer stated that Stevenson even forced him to think during their lone mitt session.

“As crazy as it might sound, he was also challenging me – and making me think while I held mitts for him.”

Brewer believes Stevenson will be avoided like one of his mentors Terence Crawford. Crawford was a welterweight champion but had to wait half a half-a-decade to land an Errol Spence fight in July 2023. 

“It is plain and simple, no one wants to fight that man,” said Brewer of Stevenson. “The only person that said they want to fight him and will eventually fight him is Tank [Gervonta Davis].”