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Did GGG Have 1 of the Greatest Careers a Fighter Can Wish For?

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    Originally posted by hhh1200 View Post
    Compared his title defenses to Hopkins but he didn't have the real belt. What a joke! One of the biggest scams in boxing in the last 20 yrs. Career is literally hustling 3 paychecks off of Canelo. Mexican style, Good boy and all that other gimmick nonsense but that's on Mexicans fans intellect to fall for that nonsense. Minute he got the money from Canelo and DAZN he forgot everything and Unable Suckerchez. . I remember Hatman Boxing said he was probably a "Heel" under all the gimmicks. How you get 1st ballot hall of fame because a baby belt? Ridiculous. Broner has real belt in 4 classes. He is first ballet of GGGimmick.
    I enjoy your posts

    3 g did all he could to get recognition

    my Russian buddy hated him made all kinds of Kazakh jokes about how silly his people are …

    my *** uncles loved him big time

    they just said he lacks charisma or something


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      Maybe not of the greatest careers, but great enough. I don't get why some criticize him so much, he did enough fights, enough good fights, and behaved with dignity even when Canelo I and II were at the top of the corruption. He practically had one real loss when he was old.


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        He was the best fighter in his generation. There was a reason Cotto wanted no part of him at 160, he wanted a catchweight, lol.

        Imagine 30 old GGG fighting 35 old Canelo. It wouldn`t be competitive, lol.


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          Originally posted by JakeTheBoxer View Post
          He was the best fighter in his generation. There was a reason Cotto wanted no part of him at 160, he wanted a catchweight, lol.

          Imagine 30 old GGG fighting 35 old Canelo. It wouldn`t be competitive, lol.
          You get impressed easily. Must be easy to manipulate too.


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            He made out pretty well considering his career didn't effectively get any wheels til he was 30. His late start in the pro ranks due to his long ammy career then all the bullchit with Universum could easily have meant his career sank like a stone, but a combination of HBOs last ditch effort to build themselves a star on a shoestring budget and Gennadys formidable abilities and KO power resulted in an enviable if not superstellar career


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              Originally posted by HeadShots View Post
              if i had a dream of a fighter's career. i would rather have GGG's career over almost anybody's.

              dude struggled a bit to get fights but kept grinding against guys who never hurt him. He KOed 9/10 guys.

              Then at the absolute end of his career, he got to fight the draw of boxing 3 times. netting 100 million dollars for the Canelo trilogy alone. He signed a very lucrative deal with DAZN where they even let him fight complete bums on DAZN for 15 million lol.

              In his entire career he prob banked around $200 Million. He was also sponsored by Jordan and APPLE.

              He has only lost to 1 guy when he was already over 40 to Canelo. The other 2 fights, most people saw him win.

              There is 0 film of being knocked off his feet in his entire career. He has never been stopped.

              Walked away with hundreds of millions, middleweight title defense legacy, all his faculties in tact and a national hero. His legacy will be a part of Kazak history.

              his career started very bleak and disregarded and ended as one of the greatest successes in boxing history.
              IN this era, he had one of the best careers possible. No fighter picks all the judges or makes the fights. They are subject to the boxing powers that do this.

              GGG is a first ballot hall of fame enshrine. He was great.
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                Originally posted by Lance98 View Post

                You get impressed easily. Must be easy to manipulate too.

                GGG beat prime Canelo when he was 36.

                he would stop Canelo if he was 8 yrs younger.


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                  hellz nah!! bruh went out sad!!! "me good boy" to "me no speak english"... bruh was putting on this fake act then after he loss to canelo which he felt he got robbed and was upset that nothing was done about it, he all of a sudden cant speak english anymore.
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                    Originally posted by Teetotaler69 View Post
                    Financially it was definitely a successful career. People like to shlt on his resume but it was (and still is kind of a weak division at this time). He didn't get the big fights cause he didn't have the right promoter or money behind him but he fought who he could. Once on HBO his career took off.

                    He collected belts and almost unified but Saunders knew he had no chance so he couldnt be undisputed. Carnela ducked him til he looked like old against brook and jacobs.

                    Andre ward blatantly ducked him.

                    And cashed out in the two rematches with carnela and got monies from dazn burying themselves.
                    So what exactly is a year a half in ggg years with zero wear and tear on him for Canelo to age him? You guys a PATHETIC for ypur EXCUSES. Did Canelo duck Hopkins? How about Hagler and Monzon?? Did Canelo duck them also for not coming out of the womb sooner??? Jesus you GGGtards are desperate lil Kunts. Canelo beat GGG TWICE!!! But hey I hear if you CRY long and REALLY hard the crybaby god might grant you 1 wish.

                    So start CRYING and show me those tears!


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                      Well he got robbed in his biggest fights, no fighter would wish for that..

                      He made a lot of money though