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Comments Thread For: Canelo vs. Charlo Winner To Receive The WBC "Puebla Belt"

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  • Comments Thread For: Canelo vs. Charlo Winner To Receive The WBC "Puebla Belt"

    The winner of Saturday night's fight, between Saul 'Canelo' Alvarez and Jermell Charlo, will receive a special belt from the World Boxing Council - the Puebla belt.
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    Yeah, because nikkus really want the puebla belt. No mames bro.
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      "The WBC has a long tradition of creating one-off commemorative titles for high-profile events"

      So the description for this wbc belt is
      "For the development of the belt, two of the most important craft techniques in the State of Puebla were used, talavera and embroidery. The embroidery was done by Matilde Juárez, a craftswoman and artist from Puebla"

      For the Canelo ryder fight the wbc also had a belt, “Puebla / Jalisco” belt, created by hands of artisans that came together to form a piece of art with vibrant colors and majestic representations of each state"


      im sure canelo has had more belts too, too lazy to look up at the moment tho, if charlo is winning the fight i think one of these belts may just fall out of the rigging onto his head by accident
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        Another trinket. The wbc might as well become a belt making organization and give up pretending to be a boxing organization.


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          Every time they make a commemorative belt with an obvious bias towards one fighter, I automatically root for the other fighter.


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            If charlo wins, this going in the Puebla garbage. They suck off so hard to canelo that they totally ignore his opponents and just make Mexico belts that have ties to canelos hometown lol.


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              They need to make "The winner of this fights has to fight Benavidez Next" Belt.

              Canelo been ducking Benavidez since after the Caleb plant fight.


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                canelo definitely deserves the puta belt for being such a coward
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                  WBC should open trinkets gift shops in all commercial centres across the globe. That might generate more money than percentages they are getting every now and then.
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                    I need to see a pic of all of Canelo’s specialty straps he’s won over the years.
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