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Comments Thread For: Deontay Wilder Very Pleased That Joshua Scored Vicious KO of Helenius

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  • Comments Thread For: Deontay Wilder Very Pleased That Joshua Scored Vicious KO of Helenius

    Malik Scott, trainer for former WBC heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder, says his fighter was very pleased that Anthony Joshua scored a brutal one-punch knockout of Robert Helenius on Saturday night.
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    Wrong article title!
    "Wilder's trainer is glad that AJ didn't slip on a late sub, again."
    I had a deja vu. Wider got 1st round KO, just like Brezeale back than and that late substitute because of PEDs... You know... They changed the matrix!



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      Wilder vs Joshua is a great HW fight. Somebody is going to sleep


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        Helen's was there to be KO'd from r3 where he stopped trying to land much himself by six he was looking tired and open , Joshua only really looked decent when throwing the right at an open target swaying backwards .He won't be around for those opportunities with Wilder.The plan for Hearn is roll the dice with Wilder and win or lose the big money fight with Fury will always be there out !


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          " . . six rounds of tactical boxing . . . "

          Gimme a break, it was six rounds of Joshua fighting like a p*ssy! Scott seen it for what it was.

          Can you imagine how tentative Joshua is gonna be in the ring with Wilder if he was like that against Helenius?!


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            Joshua took a risk by facing Helenius on a week's notice

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              Good, let's finally see the fight. Should be fireworks.


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                Of course he's pleased. Sets him up for what might be his biggest payday in a fight he has a very good chance of scoring a highlight reel knockout in against a two time heavyweight champion. Gotta feed those 8 kids and 4 baby mamas... Probably would've jumped out the window had Helenius landed a lucky punch. It's crazy how I used to wish for Wilder to put Joshua to sleep a few years ago, yet now I'm pulling for the opposite.


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                  I just cannot see AJ defeating Wilder unless he learns to put his punches back together again. He is too tentative now and is afraid of throwing punches. He is going to be sitting duck if he doesn't learn to throw anything back.


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                    lets hope we FINALLY get this match. Wilder gonna **** him up. TEAM WILDER, ALWAYS.

                    Anthony Joshua is a pu$$y. He wants to be Usyk but he isnt. He is a regular stiff cookie cutter boxer. He has 0 chance of beating Wilder. Which is why I suspect team AJ may struggle to find a pen.