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  • Comments Thread For: Arum on Fury-Usyk: The Alleged Saudi Money Would Far Exceed Any Other Place

    Top Rank president Todd DuBoef explains that WBC heavyweight champion Tyson Fury "makes his own decisions" when it comes to his career. Fury is co-promoted by Top Rank and Frank Warren's Queensberry Promotions.
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    " Alleged"


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      This Saudi is a sin in more ways than one , to stall an already slow heavyweight division is simply bad for the sport , it’s fighters waiting and the fans . Just so some money rich countries can have their occasional pleasure and where no real boxing fans want to be .Move on from Saudi, let them stick to their camel races and get these big fights on where they belong, in front of boxing fans!


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          Make the fight on Mars, or Saturn, just make the ****ing fight!!!!


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            Fury is a clown.
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              It's not alleged I wouldn't say, look at the nonsense money they threw at golfers to join Liv. The PGA found out pretty quick how real their money was when they turned golf upside down.

              Urrgg I have hated on the face of boxing since pretty boy became money may. Like three divisions near him all of a sudden just wanted to coast to that payday...same as nelo now. But now mix in he Saudis and there is another fuhging layer to the same mess.


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                I cant see a Fury, Usyk and AJ, Wilder doubleheader happening. There's WAY too many moving parts for that to be reality.


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                  "The two boxers were able to agree on a deal for the initial fight, but they were unable to finalize the financial split for the rematch. Usyk was willing to do a 70-30 split in Fury's favor for the first bout, but he wanted a 70-30 split in his own favor for the rematch. Fury wanted a 50-50 split in the rematch."

                  This is not true.

                  Usyk wanted a 70/30 split for the winner of fight one in a rematch.

                  Fury wanted a 50/50 split in the rematch, if he lost the first fight, and 70/30 in his favour again if he won the first fight.
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                    Originally posted by tokon View Post
                    Fury is a clown.
                    Joshua & Wilder are supposed to be fighting at the end of the year , they are the clowns