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Comments Thread For: De La Hoya: It Seems Like Canelo Is Regressing In The Ring, In Picking These Opponents

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  • Comments Thread For: De La Hoya: It Seems Like Canelo Is Regressing In The Ring, In Picking These Opponents

    Mixed reviews have met the announcement of the next fight for undisputed super middleweight champion Saul 'Canelo' Alvarez. Among those who are underwhelmed is the Mexican superstar's former promoter.
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    Munguia wouldn't last long with Canelo. Benavidez would be a good fight but let's see what happens with Plant first.
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      He didn’t regress. He was just overrated based on success he’s had against average opposition. He’s never looked that great against elite opposition.


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        Ryder is actually little better than some think, does he deserve the shot , yes .Is he the best opponent for Canelo , No. It works for Canelo and his fans and is win , win for Hearn but again it is at the expense of the boxing fans on PPV in the U.S. and they are bragging about it being 'Free' to DAZN users in the UK when we all know , you're buying a PPV price every month with their subscriptions.


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          Benevidez is a risky fight , he should win vs Ryder with ease which is why it's the come home Mexican fight. Benevidez since brings major risk should either be a mandatory or he has a belt. Sorry yet losing the belt 2x doesn't help


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            Who you got fighting Munguia next? Canelo has fought BJS, Plant, Bivol and GGG in his last 4 fights. There is no-one that gets anywhere close to that.

            Ryder is mandatory for one of his belts which he clearly wants to keep and who should have already fought Canelo anyway.


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              De La Hoya has a short memory. Isn't he the same guy that fought mediocre Patrick Charpentier when he was at his peak and we wanted to see him in big fights?


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                Oscar is brain dead.

                Always has been.

                Half the things that come out of his mouth make zero sense.
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                  Oscar has a prejudice due to him not utilizing his services any longer, that’s why you should just STFU in those situations. Oscar like a jealous “B”it_ h all the time too!


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                    Oscar would never say this if Canelo was still promoted by him.

                    A bit harsh on Canelo. Yeah, he's making Benavidez wait longer, and not sure he beats Plant, but should.

                    The man beat Golovkin. Plant and Saunders were unbeaten, and he stepped up to fight Bivol, who's puzzle nobody has solved.