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Comments Thread For: Benavidez Predicts 6th Round KOTY vs. Plant: 'I Want To Put Extra Pressure On Myself'

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  • Comments Thread For: Benavidez Predicts 6th Round KOTY vs. Plant: 'I Want To Put Extra Pressure On Myself'

    LOS ANGELES -- David Benavidez hopes the promise he's making in his upcoming fight against Caleb Plant gives him the extra oomph he may need to score a victory against his archrival.
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    I genuinely hope Plant torches The Emperor's New Clothes.


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      I'm sure having Memo Heredia on his team will give him that "extra push".
      We all know what having Memo in a team means, and no one says šhit about it.
      Where are now WBC/CBP testers from David's coke case?


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        Benavidez seems a bit immature. Who is he trying to convince that the top professional boxers are afraid of him? Given his size advantage, he should beat Plant easily, but Plant does have loads of skills. Let's see if the self-proclaimed Mexican monster scares Plant in the ring.


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          Can't wait for this one! Hope we can get Morrell Jr. vs. Andrade soon too! Let's Go!
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            Benavidez prob. will win but if not he will regret making big promises. Remember Rolly & others--better to brag AFTER the win.


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              Would love to see it!


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                I would have to agree with David Benavidez here. I expect Plant to have his moments very early in the fight; Especially with his hand speed and superior foot movement.

                However, by the sixth or seventh round I can see him losing steam as the naturally larger and stronger Benavidez constantly walks him down and back him up with his relentless pressure; Especially down stairs to the body.

                I just don't see Caleb having enough punching power to fight the hungry young lion off him. It may end even sooner than we all expect with David Benavidez' hand being raised.​


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                  Not good....If David fights on emotion his boxing IQ dips down just enough to loose in a big, big way.

                  Canelo's pressure got to Plant and Plant's team had no answer. Similar to Floyd, they expected Plant to box all 12 rounds but the difference is that Floyd would deliver stinging counters that kept opponents off balance and honest. The punch that put Anthony Dirrell down was not by happenstance, it was Calib's new "keep him honest" punch, something his team certainly worked on in the gym. Today....together....Plant and his new team are more than just the sum of their parts...and NOT the guy that fought Canelo. Benavidez needs to grow up, EXPECT TRAPS and stay calm enough to access his brain and take what is real time....super focused.....for all 12 rounds.

                  For the record, I'm a big Benavidez fan but he's young and he hasn't fought a solid boxer like Plant with a killer brain trust. In this fight I expect David to be forced to climb off the canvas and show a level that he may or may not have.

                  NOT an easy outing.


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                    Benavidez is probably going to have to drop Plant more than once, because with the beef they have, I'm sure that Caleb will damn near kill himself to get up from the first knock down. I think David will end it by the 8th after Plant can't get on his bicycle as much, and Benavidez traps him against the ropes or in a corner. It will definitely be a brutal finish, but Plant will show some of his skills while it lasts.