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  • Comments Thread For: Jermaine Franklin: I'm Coming To Finish Dillian Whyte!

    Undefeated heavyweight and Salita Promotions-promoted contender Jermaine Franklin sent a stern warning to Dillian Whyte as he looks to stamp his credentials as a future world champion in their headlining clash this Saturday night taking place at Wembley Arena in London and streaming live on DAZN.
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    Never realized that Salita promoted Franklin. I guess financially it doesn't make sense for him to have put Franklin and Wallin in against.each other.

    I saw Jermaine fight multiple times and was never really impressed with him (which is probably why he was selected as Whyte's opponent).

    Franklin does seem to have decent punch resistance; I'm wondering if he may manage an upset. Whyte may be on the decline and he's looked less than spectacular (Wach fight comes to mind). It may end up being more competitive than it's supposed to be.


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      I don't expect much but wouldn't be surprised if he won. No confident at all in Whyte. I haven't seen anything to show me otherwise. He lost to AJ and Fury. Got an absolute gift over Parker and was allowed to get away with cheating against Rivas who hasn't shown anything, and got KO'd by a washed up Povetkin, before beating a washed up Povetkin. This dude should be fighting the Franklin's of the world, he's done nothing and I wouldn't pick him against anyone of note if there is testing. I'll watch though, MAY the best MAN WIN!!!!
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        You're late, buddy.

        Fat old Povetkin finished Whyte couple of years ago already.


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          He's trying to retire the corpse of Dillian Whyte.


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            Whyte has been teteriorating (as gold ole Lennox said) for like half a decade now (after 1st Chisora fight), IF he beats him he's just flogging a dead horse essentially...
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              I guess we are about to see what Whyte has left & what Franklin has to offer. From my understanding (never watched the fight) Jerry Forrest may have been on the wrong end of a questionable decision against Franklin. I have no doubt Franklin was brought in to be an opponent with a flashy record. As many pointed out Whyte has been fading the last several years so this is supposed to be the type of opponent who Whyte can get back into the win column against before stepping in with Joshua again. I would have liked to see him fight Wallin or Kabayel but I get why they chose Franklin. The question is can Franklin do anything with this opportunity?
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                hopefully he retires Whyte and we dont have to look at that stupid cartoonish face anymore!