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Comments Thread For: Report: Yerbossynuly Placed In Medically Induced Coma After Brutal KO Loss To Morrell

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  • Comments Thread For: Report: Yerbossynuly Placed In Medically Induced Coma After Brutal KO Loss To Morrell

    The worst fears of those that thought Aidos Yerbossynuly took entirely too much punishment Saturday night during his 12th-round knockout loss to David Morrell Jr. have been confirmed.
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    This is the unfortunate part of this beautiful brutal sport we love. Prayers for you and your family champ!


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      I told ya it should have been stoppd sooner.

      What really disgust me is that not one of the commentators, ref or corner men mentioned stopping it until the very last rd.

      Praying for yerbossunly.


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        Very sad. Hopefully he pulls through and makes a full recovery.


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          The only one I recall mentioning it was Abner Mares around the 9th rd but that was it.

          I was yelling at the damn TV for it to be stopped but it was almost like those so called experts had it out for the poor guy.


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            You could see something like this could happen. The dude didn't look good at the end there. His face was a mess. Should have been stopped sooner. But let's hope he comes away from this with his health intact. It looks bleak, but you can hope.
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              Hang in there Champ


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                Always sad to hear stuff like this he took a heavy a beating in the last few rounds of the fight an it could of been stopped abit earlier imo in hindsight an then he took the big kncokdowns at the end. Hopefully everything goes well an he makes a recovery


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                  His family should sue those idiotic officials and his corner. They also have a Job to do and if us regular fans coul see it should have been stopped then so should have these dumbass so called experts. They failed at there job big time.
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                    I hoped Morrell would look impressive in this fight before the fight even started, but not with this result. The opponent was tough, with no attitude of surrender. I don't blame the ref either, the Eastern Euro guy looked game all night long.

                    Please recover soon.
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