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Comments Thread For: Andre Ward: Golovkin 'Literally Just Showed Up To Get A Check' Against Canelo

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    I sometimes forget that Andre Ward exists until articles of him appear on boxingscene.


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      Originally posted by Jab jab boom View Post
      Ggg looked bad because he’s 40. Canelo not stopping him was a pretty bad look for him but is consistent with who he is. He can beat lower level guys in dominant fashion but even a mediocre 40 yr old ggg was better and had more will than most of his opposition since their rematch 4 yrs ago. Canelo doesn’t hit the next level against guys who aren’t weak minded like his run of opposition at 168. Those guys quit halfway through the fight whereas ggg actually beat Canelo in the championship rounds.
      This guy is a jerk.

      This 40 years GGG would school and k.o all the champions and most of fighters in 168.

      Márquez with 40 years old K.Od Pacquiao.

      This is boxing.

      And You don't ver mention that canelo had a injury in his hand in this fight.



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        Originally posted by M111 View Post
        And what was Ward doing when he was 40. Oh yeah he’s only 38. And has been retired 5 years after two gift decisions he should’ve lost. Never rated Ward who butted, held and low blowed his way to success. Quite how he has the gall to criticise someone still actively fighting who’s 2 years older than him after being retired for 5 years is beyond me. Sour grapes as he knew Golovkin would’ve beaten him at 160 with some ease.
        Ward and Beterbiev are about the same age, is there any chance Ward comes out of retirement to fight Beterbiev? Any chance that Ward beats Beterbiev to cement his claim to all-time great status? Any chance Ward starts giving current champions proper credit for their accomplishments?


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          Andre is crazy. GGG actually won the first 2 matches and GGG was fighting to win not just a paycheck. Andre really lost to Kovalev the first fight so he isn't truly undefeated! Why bad-mouth GGG! The chicken Canelo is like Gayweather,, waits for years to fight them, until going on a down-slide!
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            Originally posted by No look hook View Post
            I appreciate the fact Dre brought up hbo lol because that’s why a lotta Gs fanboys believed he couldn’t be beat. After yrs of being fed tomato can after can, these suckers thought he could do that to anybody. They got their “hope “ which created the controversy in the first canelo fight. Ugh SOG letting em know!! We know G swerved him HARD!! HBO tried creating another “hope “ with KOV but Dre put an end to that . Lol I recognized that Dre!! HBO had a lotta spectators convinced. Lol so I’m yrs leading up to canelo, GGG was crushing cans so fan girls were pissed when canelo didn’t filling the script n fold. Of course that was a “robbery “
            Seeing how English doesn’t seem to be your first language, I can’t help but laugh at your mentally handicapped assumptions. Seeing how ggg clearly best Canelo, and your fraud savior in ward got his @ss demolished in the first kov fight? Do you even know or watch boxing? Or do you just come out of the woodworks when you read an article on ESPN?


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              Originally posted by Jab jab boom View Post
              The level of defensiveness you have for someone you don’t even know is baffling to me. Saunders hasn’t taken the sport seriously in years and has essentially been a part time boxer for years. Not to mention he quit, so there is no debate. Especially when he’s someone who criticized another boxer for quitting. Smith was so dangerous that he got whooped by Ryder in his previous fight before facing Canelo. And if you have eyes, you can see that he also completely stopped trying to win. I notice you didn’t defend plant so odds are you’re British and are sensitive about Saunders and smith, but plant also showed that he quit when he decided that he wanted to have a friendly chat with canelo mid fight.
              I don't care if BJS is a hypocrite he came to win. He was in great condition and was boxing well.

              How was Smith supposed to bring his best when his bicep was deformed and dislocated?

              I didn't mention Plant because he obviously just did it for the money.

              I'm not defending Canelo im giving credit where credit is due as a boxing fan. I'm not getting emotional about a person i don't know.


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                Andre also said, along with most people, that Canelo should have koed GGG.Why is that? GGG has never been stopped. In fact, in almost 400 fights (amateur and pro), he has never hit the canvas. DUH!!!!!!!!


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                  Originally posted by HeadShots View Post

                  Ward went 1-1 with Kovalev

                  his best win(his own words). Kovalev, who was nothing special in retrospect. Got easily KOed by Canelo and some bum named Eleider.

                  Calzaghe beat Hopkins and RJJ
                  Ah the wonderful retrospect. Trashes fighters legacies at every turn.
                  Kovalev in his prime (at the time he fought ward) was a killer, beating top light heavys in their own backyard.

                  Ward went 2-0 my man, whatever your opinion is.
                  My opinion on the first fight is it could have gone either way.

                  Canelo beat a shell of kovalev.

                  Calzaghe's win over Hopkins was razor close and I'm not even going to dignify the Roy win.


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                    Easy for someone who retired at 31 to say. Ward lost to Kovalev and then retired. GGG didn't get a significant fight until 35 and continues to fight at nearly 41. Even the most critical observers have to respect the fact that GGG chasing greatness well past his prime is admirable. Rather than sitting pretty behind a microphone talking trash on other fighters.
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                      Originally posted by The Devil Knows Boxing View Post

                      Nonsense like this is why the Marines are overrated and mocked. Even though you are most certainly guilty of stolen valor, the fact that people like you even wish they had been in the Marines is a brown stain on their reputation. IKEABYT.
                      There’s a few on here that actually know me so I’ll save you the embarrassment of being made a fool. See, unlike you I actually accomplished something in life; I earned the title United States Marine. I did that on Parris Island at the age of 17 in bootcamp. So, before you continue opening your c o c k holster I’d advise you to live the following quote, “it’s better to remain silent and thought to be ignorant than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.”
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