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Comments Thread For: Frampton: If Joshua Doesn't Get Rid of Usyk, Then He Probably Gets Stopped Late

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    What Frampton says is kind of obvious. I would say that Usyk seems to be coming in bigger for this fight. I don't know if that is a good idea. He is not used to carrying around a lot of weight. He said he was exhausted after the first fight - so he may tire a lot too. But he is clearly going for the KO this time round. Looking forward to seeing what happens. I think Usyk wins because AJ just doesn't have the chin to keep taking risks against someone who is so precise. And you can't change trainer and expect great results straight away either.

    IF Usyk did lose I can see a lot of people saying he was exposed at HW. You know "well he didn't look great against Witherspoon and Chisora and he only looked good against an AJ who tried to out box him". But I don't buy that myself.
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      I don't care who you are, that's a LOT of muscle mass to have to oxygenate over 12 rounds.

      If AJ were to go straight cardio and ditch the weights he would still have quite a weight/height/reach advantage AND he could STILL try to be the bully.

      I'm not saying it would work but it would behoove him to drop some of that mass.


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        Originally posted by hugh grant View Post

        Yes, everyone seems to think as soon as Josh gets tired he gets stopped?. Whereas I think as soon as Josh gasses, he goes AWOL for a few rounds takes a breather then comes back, look at wlad fight.
        Usyk didn't just unretire and he's not 40. He's not letting AJ "take a breather".


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          I think the fight needs to happen now. Everyone is just repeating cliches.

          Usyk is a unprecedented talent. But his abilities in this moment are being pumped up and overrated just a tad. Yes he is in condition, and has good endurance.

          But if his endurance was at the level people suggest, why in the first fight did he not just constantly pressure Joshua? Kiltschko vs Joshua was a fight fought at a higher intensity.

          This is still a monumental challenge for Joshua, a mega fight. And if he wins it will be the greatest Heavyweight win of the past 20 years.

          I just think the fight needs to happen now. All the debates are just going around and around, people stating unoriginal cliches, then you have the masses of people who? Mark my words, depending on the outcome of the fight they will go 180 degree's on what they have been saying of late.

          I think all the training has pretty much been done. I just want to now see some insights into their training camps, and I want to see a round table event with former boxers and pundits etc.

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            Joshua was exhausted in the first fight. He'd taken Usyk's shots. And wasn't close to being stopped.

            If Usyk stops him it would be a surprise.