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Can Crawford surpass Floyd?

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  • Can Crawford surpass Floyd?

    Does Crawford have any chance of surpassing Floyd as a fighter? Would he rank higher than Floyd all time if he becomes undisputed at 147 and 154?

    I personally can't see it. Floyd won his first world title at 21, in just his 18th pro fight. Crawford didn't win his first world title until he was 26, in his 23rd pro fight. Floyd had accomplished MUCH more at 34 than Crawford has at 34.

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    Absolutely no chance

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      No but he can definitely be one of the all time greats if he beats Spence this fall.


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        24-0-0-0 vs "big four" world titlists
        26-0-0-0 in "big four" world title fights
        12-0-0-0 vs lineal and/or Ring Magazine world champions
        23-0-0-0 in lineal world championship fights
        5 division "big four" world titlist
        4 division lineal world champion
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          In before Dunn and his 61,000 plus posts defending Floyd.
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            If he does beat Spence though, you have to admit it is a great win.

            Floyd's body of work would be much deeper but. I am curious if there is anyone on Floyd's resume who people think could beat Spence. I don't think a prime Pacquiao, Cotto, Canelo, Oscar could do it. Maybe a prime Oscar at 154 could make it close because of the size.


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              He’s already greater than Floyd. He’s TBE


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                Anything is possible but I don’t see Crawford is as good as Floyd, Oscar, Moseley or Pac. He might not be better than Spence.


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                  Crawford is too far back imo, Floyd at 130 and 130 was a beast, I think Crawford would have to do too much to ever be considered that good


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                    No. If Bud was 24 instead of 34, then maybe.

                    He only has a few good years left, no way can he catch up and accomplish more than Floyd.