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Comments Thread For: WBA Orders Hearing With Top Six 140-Pound Contenders To Determine Vacant Title Fight

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  • Comments Thread For: WBA Orders Hearing With Top Six 140-Pound Contenders To Determine Vacant Title Fight

    The path to crowning a new WBA junior welterweight titlist has become more difficult than necessary, In the wake of Josh Taylor severing ties with the WBA 140-pound title, the sanctioning body has paused on ordering a straight-away vacant title fight between its top two contenders. Instead, a two-hour block has been reserved beginning Tuesday 11:00 am ET to speak with each of the top six contenders in the current WBA junior welterweight rankings, to determine who will next vie for the crown.
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    Surely these deliberations should only be about who fights Puello?
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      FFS. Just when we thought the WBA were starting to clean their act up a bit, and take things more seriously again, they stoop to a new low. Putting the title out to job interviews? Get a grip Mendoza.


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        The inactivity could cost Barroso a title shot. His merits do not stack up well against the other remaining contenders, as will be presented during Tuesday’s meetings between each boxer and the WBA.

        London’s Davies (23-2, 16KOs) is riding a current five-fight win streak, including a ten-round decision over Nicholas Mwangi last November 26 in Dubai.

        Barcelona’s Martin (40-2, 13KOs) has won eleven straight and is perhaps the hottest commodity among the group.

        Prograis (27-1, 23KOs) is by far the most accomplished of the lot, though his last fight could actually hurt his chances.

        Uzbekistan’s Akhmedov (9-1, 8KOs) has won two in a row since a disputed twelve-round decision defeat to Mario Barrios in their September 2019 secondary WBA 140-pound title.


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            It should be 1 vs 2 but neither of them are big names and WBA wants more sanctioning fees so I guess random rules time. Maybe a 6 man elimination chamber? Not sure what talks they can even have with the fighters, surely you go by your own ranking or you don't?

            IIRC Akhmedov was supposed to get another WBA fight after the robbery loss but that evaporated with all the extra WBA titles. Him and Fres Oquendo still waiting.


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              There should be 8-16 fighters in groups of 2-4 for the 4 belts just like the WBSS. In 18 months you have a new undisputed in 140 and the fans get some great fights but boxing doesn't work that way.
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                It should be 1 vs 2 like normal. Have 3 and 4 fight each other for mandatory.
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                  This will all be a ploy to feed up a hyped up no-hoper to Tank, Haney or Teo. Once Taylor vacates all the titles at 140, don't expect any of the best fighting the best for a long time to come.


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                    What the hell is this?