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Comments Thread For: Hatton: One Box For Tyson Fury To Tick - All-British Showdown With Joshua

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    Originally posted by 1hourRun View Post

    Are you kidding me? Tyson has only fought one world-class opponent since 2015.

    The bar is set at a all time low for Gypsy-Fraud Tyson Fury, I know that the 'Fury-Faithful' are cheering on Otto Wallin to beat Dillian Whyte so that Tyson's saddening resume starts to have a little more stock ; at the same time that would eliminate Dillian Whyte ( who Tyson has been ducking ) as his official mandatory.

    A alternative result of Whyte-Wallin, a rematch with the new mando ( Otto Wallin ) is just as laughable and insignificant -- but then again, Tyson should fight Otto Wallin again considering that Otto was robbed by Tony Week, the NSAC and Bernardo Osuna of ESPN, in 2019.
    Wallin wasn't robbed by anybody. He should have got disqualified for deliberately headbutting Fury and forcing him to fight three quarters of the fight with one eye and two BAD cuts.

    I'm surprised that Fury didn't nut him one back tbh.