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Comments Thread For: Hearn: I Find It Strange Fury Can Continuously Climb Up P4P Rankings By Beating Same Person

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    Originally posted by Robbie Barrett View Post
    He's right. Fury performed worse than in the 2nd fight and still moved up. You have boxing media (largely American) pushing their bias. Didn't ESPN have Wilder top 10 P4P a few years ago?
    Hey Robbie Barrett, Aren't you that fool who lost the bet??


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      Originally posted by Robbie Barrett View Post

      People have been talking about P4P way before even SRR.

      I have followed boxing since I was a small child in 1953, there was mention and general acknowledgment of Sugar Ray Robinson as the best lb for lb but not lists of active boxers and such. Of course, there was always talk and heated discussion about who was the best by weight class and such, but no formal lb for lb lists by the press or any boxing professionals. Hey, I even remember Danny Bang Bank Womber defeating Kid Gavilan, but alas Womber did not crack a lb. for lb. list. That was before the "lists" came into being.


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        Don't care about P4P. But on HW rankings...

        Went top 3 with a draw
        Went top 2 by beating two lower ranked fighters
        Went to 1 by beating Wilder easily
        Apparently became an ATG by beating Wilder less easily

        It is quite a progression available for only beating a guy most of us knew he would beat.
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          Originally posted by Verus View Post

          I was an avid boxing fan in the 50's and 60's, watched the fights on TV every Friday night, and saw Muhammed Ali (then Cassius Clay) fight in Chicago as an amateur when he and I both were 17 years old. There was no mention of lb for lb lists and such. The lb. for lb. lists began in earnest in the 70's. It would have been nice if there were lb for lb discussions then. The only mention of lb for lb was an occasional reference to Joe Louis' mention of Ray Robinson and the best boxer lb for lb. That was about it.
          I'm sure you are right with their being no P4P list, but everyone has in their head who they think is the best of the best. Nash out.


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            Originally posted by Nash out View Post

            I'm sure you are right with their being no P4P list, but everyone has in their head who they think is the best of the best. Nash out.
            Indeed they do. My favorites were Kid Gavilan and Carmen Basilio, but the best was Ray Robinson and I only saw him when he was old. I saw him knock out Gene Fulmer with the best-left hook to the jaw that anyone has ever thrown.
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              Hearn is absolutely right, and I’m sure he’d like to comment on Fury’s suspect moves in all of those three fights….with the 3rd having more control due to the ref…..Hearn would sound like an hater x 10 if he went there…

              Furys long limbs will have no such success against the smaller Usyk, because half of Furys fighting style is based on leaning his huge bulge on smaller stationary opponents. Usyk will move waaaay too much for the grappler/boxer extraordinaire….

              Usyk, Mayweather, Whittaker, etc. comes/came to box…..Fury instead comes to sap your strength with an array of several ways to flop those body parts on unsuspecting victims ….and then he uses his long limbs to nicely stick & move….his fan girls really love it….Hearn knows the deal, he wants Fury exposed ‘before’ he can get away with flopping on his commercial robot.


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                As opposed to what? Getting stopped by a guy who went life and death with The Nipple and then getting soundly outboxed by a guy who has looked like garbage at heavyweight? Your man’s a fraud Eddie. Focus on milking that tit dry while the Brits still believe in him.
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                  The reason why Tyson Fury is keep climbing up the P4P rankings by beating the same person is because Deontay Wilder is a lot better in this era than what most of his haters are willing to give him credit for. They've allowed their deep seated hatred, resentment, envy and animosity of the man to cloud their judgements..
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                    It's not the mere fact of who you beat that elevates your status, it's what you prove in doing so. Like, say that Plant is declared the victor against Canelo because Canelo stumbles and breaks his ankle in the first round. That wouldn't elevate Plant's stock any even though Canelo is no. 1.

                    On other other hand, Fury has shown us a lot in the course of his three fights with Wilder. In the first fight he showed that he has superior ring IQ and boxing skills and unnatural resilience, in the second fight he showed powerful but educated offensive presence and in the third he showed a mix of everything plus a brutally effective inside fighting game and immense determination and stamina. Of course all that wouldn't mean as much against lesser opposition but even now I think Wilder has to rank highly amongst the heavyweights, there isn't many outside the cream of the crop who you'd pick to beat him. If you do have to fight the same opponent multiple times there are far worse options for your credibility than him.


                    • Originally posted by BangEM View Post

                      Whyte is on the cusp of a title - no point taking that type of fight. I said the same thing when he took the Povetkin fight. It's pointless and he has to be smarter.
                      Then who should he fight?