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Who will rank higher all-time, Joshua or Wilder?

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  • Who will rank higher all-time, Joshua or Wilder?

    When both Joshua and Wilder retire, who will rank higher?

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    Will be debated along with the ongoing “who’s better, Oliver McCall or Bonecrusher Smith?” debate.
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      Jesus Christ who has been older ever beat? Joshua has Klitschlo, Parker, Povetkin, Dillian Whyte Pulev. Solid names

      wilder has NOBODY on his record. He beat no one


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        In a couple of weeks, if Wilder executes the proper game plan, he could have Fury on his record. And even if he comes up short, I'm certain he'll have pushed himself to the brink of life and death chasing that dream of victory. That's something to be proud of. He'll have no regrets because he challenged himself to the fullest against the toughest man in the heavyweight division--not once, not twice, but three times. Whoever steps out of that fiery inferno with the WBC belt on October 9th will be truly worthy of the Undisputed battle against Usyk.
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          Originally posted by ShaneMosleySr View Post
          Will be debated along with the ongoing “who’s better, Oliver McCall or Bonecrusher Smith?” debate.
          Pretty much this.


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            Time will tell. Let's re-analyze after October 9th.


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              AJ needs to redeem himself by taking out Usyk and then beat Fury, and he could make the top 20 ATGs.

              Wilder needs to start by beating Fury and then take out either Uysk or AJ and he could rank in the top 20.

              But as of today's reality it looks to be just as it is expressed above: the McCall- Smith debate, i.e. othet than Fury's father and Wilder's mother no will actually care which one is ranked higher.


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                Right now, Joshua easily, but we will have to see how both regroup and move forward. I do feel that Wilder/Fury 3 isnt gonna play out like most of us expect.


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                  Wilder won't be ranked unless he beats someone with a pulse after losses to fury.
                  beat hrgovic, dubouis, why the and the josh and then I'll rate him


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                    As it stands Joshua is clearly ahead, but that could change in 2 weeks.

                    I can't be bothered ranking my top 100 heavyweights but Wilder would be in the top 50s or 60s, Joshua probably the top 30s or 40s

                    Both guys can still improve that though EVEN IF they lose their next fights.