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Do you see Conor Benn being champ soon?

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    Originally posted by Stuntman Mike View Post
    The way boxing is right now they tend to give belts away to the named fighters against non championship calibre fighters...can fight for a vacant against a care home employee these days

    So yes he will be down on the history books soon and so well deserved is whatii foresee
    You have a point.
    Lara just fought some guy named Cornflake and got a belt for it, pretty lame.


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      Benn needs a big win over a fellow prospect or world level fighter in their prime before many hardcore fans believe he can get a title. That's understandable.

      I see a workrate and mentality that takes him all the way if they match him right, and I've got no issue with him having a slow burner career considering his lack of amateur fights. He's still learning.

      Let him despatch some of Khan/Marku/Aveneysan/Essuman/Broner over the next couple of years and if that goes well there's nowhere else to go but world level which will likely be Prograis/Taylor/Crawford/Boots/Ortiz Jr.
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        He will not I'm afraid. .....


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          Originally posted by Dakuwaqa View Post

          You’re a fanboy and judge fighters based off your opinions of them as people as much as their skills in the ring.

          I don’t think Benn will win a world title but to call him domestic level at best is nonsense. In his last 3 fights he’s beaten Granados, Vargas and Formella.

          He’s clearly operating at a level higher than domestic.

          I agree.
          Benn is at a higher level IMHO definitely.
          I just hope he keeps climbing the ladder competition-wise


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            Well he’s fighting Jaron Boots Ennis in a few months, so I say he!! no. I’m just trolling around


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              Originally posted by NC Uppercut View Post
              Well he’s fighting Jaron Boots Ennis in a few months, so I say he!! no. I’m just trolling around
              Ennis in a few months?? Yeah right!! LOL


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                Originally posted by RENE JUNIOR View Post

                Why not man?? LOL
                He's a world level fighter, he's not a domestic level guy like some of the British are saying. The thing is his ring IQ, he just doesn't really make adjustments. The current champs are too good for him and the up and comers like Boots and Ortiz are always going to be better than him.

                I could see him become a top ten guy at some point which isn't all that bad.
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                  With how many belts there are and the amount that get vacated and such it wouldn't surprise me.

                  I don't think he is world level or much good or particularly talented in all honesty but with how carefully he is handled I think he'll have a much better career than he really should be having.
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                    I think he'll stick with fighting at the level he currently is vs very faded non-punchers then maybe beat a few overrated fighters with some careful matchmaking. He'll sort of deceive people then he is better than he is before getting exposed and fizzling out.
                    It won't take a Boots, Ortiz, Stanionis to put him over that is for sure.
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                      Originally posted by BangEM View Post

                      He fought for the title when Pricey dropped the belt. Why did he duck Pricey?

                      Benn didn’t get battered by a fat can like McDermott at the same level.

                      Anyway, I don’t think Benn has the talent to beat the top guys and prospects in his division. But so did Fury who was very clumsy and boring. So anything is possible.

                      Lets not forget or act like Cedric Peynard didn't beat the hell out of Benn and drop him a bag of times at a much, much lower level.