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  • Comments Thread For: Tyson Fury: I Don't Think I'll Ever Lose a Fight, Nobody Out There To Beat Me

    WBC heavyweight champion Tyson Fury feels confident in his ability to beat all of the top names in the weight class. He expects to walk away from the sport with his undefeated record intact. Fury has been out of action since February 2020, when he picked up a seven round stoppage of Deontay Wilder to capture the WBC belt.
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    I would like to see Fury fight cruiserweight Eric Fields, I am ERics mother and I just recently told him that his biological daddy is vergil hunter with whom I had a 1 night fling at an underground Oakland dice game in the 80s and thats realer than real deal sally field!!!


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      This bum is lucky that he has a thick skull. You suck!

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        You already have, you got saved by a shocking robbery.


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          Fury is absolutely right and absolutely wrong. He's boxing in a heavyweight era where the heavyweights stink. And this includes Fury. No one heavyweight is dominant. Any heavyweight can win or lose. They all lack exceptional skills. Any fighter can lose on any given night against a legitimate opponent. Any fighter can win. Luck has a lot to do with it. With luck, Fury may never lose again.
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            The last time he fought a top HW not named Wilder was 6 years ago, so hes gonna need to prove it.


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              Hasn’t beaten me . I’d fight him bare knuckle ?

              One thing about me you better be able to punch .Somethings going to give


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                This heavyweight era sucks, they all lack steroids skills. Boooooooomb squuuuaaaaaaaaaad


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                  I've only got, two, three fights left, because there's no more challenges.
                  He's still convinced that he doesn't need to fight guys that he's already decided he'll beat.

                  Maybe he would, but there's a big difference between saying you'd beat any given opponent, and actually doing it. And doing it repeatedly.

                  Both Joshua and Wilder went out and defended their belts. Both eventually lost to a fat guy they thought they should beat.

                  One thing is for sure, Fury will never have a Ruiz type defeat, because he simply won't fight those guys. Joshua went through a string of decent fighters and eventually lost to one. It happens, unless you don't fight. I'lll never understand how people think that is somehow better than having an avenged defeat on your record.
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                    might get knockout by Wilder in next fight there is a good reason he didn't want 3rd fight