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Comments Thread For: Anthony Joshua: Do I Need Tyson Fury On My Record? I Need It!

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    Originally posted by dan_cov View Post
    I know he is probably just answering a reporter and while a good attitude to have he seems far too caught up in fighting Fury to me. Focus on Usyk, he is next and while your fans are sleeping on him you shouldn't be because you're going to have your hands full.
    On this very rare occasion i actually agree with you
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      Originally posted by Drigo View Post
      Joshua need Fury but Fury dont need Joshua to cement his legacy. Simply because Joshua already lose and he lose badly by KO. Fury won't gain anything but money in beating Joshua. Sad but truth.
      Fury actually needs AJ a lot more than vice versus. Listen to the interview, it’s a really good one. Joshua has consistently taken on good drivers and although there is still fury, wilder, ortiz and Usyk you can think of, there isn’t many beyond that.

      Fury on the other hand has literally taken on Klitschko and wilder and nobody else.

      hopefully that changes during 2022.
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        Both will be best fighters each has fought. They need each other equally. Boxing needs it more though as want to know who best boxer is and until then it's guess work and opinions


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          Joshua doesn't need Fury. He's already got 3 belts and multiple defences, mandatories. And he's boxed professionally for half the time that Fury has.

          AJ is the Don of the division by a mile.


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            Originally posted by Sayithowitisuk View Post

            So in 18 when Aj was on a sky tv interview with Johnny Nelson & said "i won't be rushed into the Wilder fight" when asked when he said"19 20 21"Hearn then said 2020 quack, followed by "hopefully he'll have lost by then" What do you hear? They tell us they're 3 year plan to avoid the big hitters & you hear?

            Ajs resume is full of shot old name's, 4 of his last 6 were 38-41 year's old & he's never boxed a top 2 heavyweight, Klitschko wasn't ranked by tbrb until after the fight & retired again. Wlad got paid!
            I'm not bigging Fury, he's lost my support to... 7 fight's in 7 year's
            Wilder who Aj ducked in 18 then turned down that dazn cheque in 19 shows they were happy to duck each other & milk the belts against old men.
            They're as bad as each other. Blame the promoter's.

            Post n ghost
            Joshua's resume is full of most of the top heavyweights of this era, at the time when they fought.

            He beat a better version of Wladimmir Kiltschko than Tyson Fury 'Kiltschko weigh in at 240 pounds vs Joshua, vs 245 pounds vs Fury. Kiltschko a man of science has even stated that he was in better condition, if you have got a issue? I will find the video footage of Wladimir Kiltschko saying this and put it up'.

            So Joshua beat Kiltschko then.

            Whyte, Povetkin, Parker, Takam, Pulev, Breazeale, Martin, Ruiz, and now he is facing Usyk 'The Former Undisputed Cruiser weight Champion, Olympic Champion and unbeaten'.

            It is not Anthony Joshua's fault that this era is well, not a great era. But make no doubt about it, Anthony Joshua is the only heavyweight Champion since Kiltschko who has been actively attempting to clear out the division and taking on all comers 'Much more so than Deontay Wilder, and 1000% more than Tyson Fury who has made zero title defenses'.

            Dillian Whyte overall has a better more deeper resume than Tyson Fury.

            You clearly have a personal issue with Anthony Joshua, let it go mate 'Accept that he is the only Heavyweight Champion acting like a champion'. This does not mean that he is the best, but his actions prove my point. His next title defense is a great fight.
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