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  • Comments Thread For: De La Hoya: I Wasn't Ready To Retire After I Lost To Pacquiao

    Former six division world champion Oscar De La Hoya is less than two weeks away from his boxing return. De La Hoya, 48-years-old, will return to the ring for the first time since 2008, when he was stopped by Manny Pacquiao.
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    I go for the Golden Boy Oscar dela Renta.


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      oscar should wear fishnets in his entrance


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        I feel kind of bad for him because he is deluding himself about what he can do in this comeback. You waited 13 years, you're nearly 50, beyond a few novelty fights its all over.


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          He can't be any worse off. Without boxing, his life went way more off the rails than when he was in the ring. After seeing him on Tyson's podcast(more therapy session), this dude needs boxing. If it'll helps him keep himself together somewhat, power to him.


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            I'm a little intrigued as to how a 48 yr old Oscar will go - it seems like 'legends' returning to the ring is here to stay at least for the short term.

            ODLH in his prime was a superlative boxer with great speed, technique and proved he could mix it up when needed. I think sometimes perhaps because it was a generation ago people forget how big a deal he was.

            Winning a gold medal, debuting in '92, and taking on Jeff Mayweather in just his 5th pro fight.

            I believe a lot of hardcore fans (like me) weren't too happy when his promotional company took over our valuable 'bible of boxing', The Ring mag which is a clear conflict of interest.

            Canelo's surly and vanilla personality didn't help him much either, but the guy has had to battle depression and substance abuse issues, so if this gives him a reason to get in shape and stay off the sauce for a while...then so be it.

            My only other criticism is why do these guys always pick other over-the-hill UFC 'legends'? Wider fan base and more gate?


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              If he does the ringwalk in his fishnets, then we can believe in Oscar again..


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                He wasn't ready to quit boxing after Pacquiao, but he wasn't ready to quit cocaine either!
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                  The way I see it if Oscar or any of the other past due fighters can do the work and get into shape who are we to say they shouldn't fight. It's the same as any pro athlete coming out of retirement and trying their luck 1 last time. The only difference is they could seriously be hurt and they know this and make that choice for our entertainment.


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                    you missed the attention. all boxers do. life is good when its all about YOU. so the problem is... the promoter deal isnt giving YOU enough attention!?