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Why is Yordenis Ugas excused for his embarrassing resume?

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    Originally posted by DaNeutral. View Post

    So Crawford has to sign with the PBC to fight PBC fighters?
    When you ask it like this, leaving out facts and context, you are incredibly disingenuous. You’re doing this solely so you can force everything into an anti pbc narrative.

    To answer the question, yes, given the fact he signed a deal from his promoter that was specifically given to avoid pbc having a ww tourney under their umbrella.

    it’s like you want Crawford to get the money from TR, and have PBC give him high profile fights. Come on.

    If Crawford wanted high profile fights he would’ve signed with pbc instead of TR.


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      Originally posted by RGJTMMRDCMJRJSM View Post

      And how do you intend to pay those popular boxers who at least demand minimum financial amount which Ugas can't deliver?

      Nobody is paying to watch Ugas. He can't sell 10 tickets even if his life depends on it. Bums for life. Why do these popular boxers have to carry someone like Ugas???
      Isn't it just and fair if the less known fighter tries to at least fight someone credible? Ugas has options. He could fight Ennis and shut out all the criticisms. But he chose an unranked 140 pounder. That bum is NOT in any rankings at 147 AND 140.
      On one hand you’re saying that the popular boxers don’t need to carry someone like Ugas. But then you say he needs to face someone credible.

      Which one is it? And how can he choose to fight Ennis or anyone for that matter if he isn’t a draw? You say he has options but then again he doesn’t because no one is paying to watch him.

      My thought is that he has a title (yes I know it’s secondary) and one of these “popular” boxers with no title could try to take it from him. If Ennis or Ortiz wants a shot at Ugas then I’m sure they could get it as soon as they ask.