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Comments Thread For: Hearn: I Don't Know Whether Canelo-Plant Fight Is Dead; Looks Unlikely For September 18th

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    Originally posted by DClefthook View Post
    here's the deal boys and girls....DAZN is doing for Canelo what HBO did for 3G.....pretend he is this mythical larger than life figure than what he actually is... HE IS NOT! 3G was only huge because Hbo pushed him and as soon as Max and Lampley couldnt get paid to jerk him off anymore it was over. Hearn/Dazn came to America with the same intention with Canelo but using the backing of British boxing community you tube channels to back Canelo. They never knew who Canelo was but they were dead set on using that connection to make sure Hearn succeeded. They're whole perception of Canelo as this THANOS like figure is based off Canelo v Liam smith, Rocky felding, Callum smith, Anvi yildirim and Blow Job saunders. All d-level euro bums who only came to the US to freeze up and get destroyed in the ring. Real unbiased fans in America know Canelo as the dude who got completely embarrassed by PPVweather, lost to Lara and 3G, struggled against Trout and D Jacobs, got popped 2wice for peds and was allowed to duck Charlo and Andrade for unification bouts because the WBC made a bish belt to protect mexican fighters. The sooner hearn takes the canelo circus on the road the better. GET THE FUQ OTTA HERE take your own advice canelo and leave us alone..
    Sick bro, sick nasty post and 110% correct


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      Originally posted by Oldskoolg View Post

      Insanity…..pure insanity.
      Oh well, hopefully we can get Plant vs. Charlo instead!


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        Originally posted by Bronx2245 View Post
        Oh well, hopefully we can get Plant vs. Charlo instead!
        There is definitely no shortage of fights from middleweight to super middleweight for the pbc fighters


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          Originally posted by James Hunt View Post

          Zach Parker is Canelo's WBO mando, not Plant's.
          There's a possibility Canelo fights him in the UK to "showcase or improve (his) talent and marketability". Eddeh was already talking about taking Canelo globally, UK included.
          Plus, Parker is Frank's guy.
          Thanks for the clarification, I saw he was with Queensbury. Is he any decent? Ive only seen very brief high lights.


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            Originally posted by Thuglife Nelo View Post

            Yet you rock a DSG avatar. I assume you’re a Puerto Rican fan from Philly, so it makes sense why you shill for PBC and hate Canelo. PR vs Mexico innit. Oh and regarding “cherry picking” as you say, Crawford not Canelo ever fought a Rod Salka…
            You really make yourself look dumb when you come to conclusions based off your wrong assumptions.


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              Originally posted by RJJ-94-02=GOAT View Post
              If Eddie says it’s not happening then the fight is likely happening.

              He’s consistently wrong about this kind of stuff.
              Eddie is wrong once again. Who would have thought it…