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Why Canelo Injury Clause Makes 100% Sense.

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    Originally posted by _Rexy_ View Post

    He's a free agent. He didn't give up lead promoter, he doesn't have one. That's the point.

    So the "Concessions" are what? Fox made a better deal?
    First off; Canelo is his own promoter with a promoters license, however he conceded lead promotions to PBC, He also has a preferred network he works with (Dazn) and also a fight by fight deal with a co-promoter he prefers to work with (Eddie Hearn/Matchroom). This is why Eddie Hearn sent Caleb Plant a deal that Plant turned down and would not entertain. Canelo wanting to make this fight happen conceded his preference of being on his preferred network (Dazn) to go to Caleb Plant preferred network (PBC/FOX) mind you Caleb Plant is also a free agent just like Canelo but unlike Canelo Caleb Plant can not/will not go to Dazn because he prefers his own network(FOX) and he prefers his own promotional outfit (PBC).

    You see how that works, Both Free Agents mind you...
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      Originally posted by NC Uppercut View Post
      Damn….Politics have made boxing a much more difficult sport than it should have to be!
      Alot of it is politics but alot of it is also just business, boxers today are WAY more knowledgeable about the business side of the sport.
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        Originally posted by _Rexy_ View Post

        I said he didn't want the fight. I didn't say he was scared of anyone.

        I don't want to go to the grocery store right now. Doesn't mean I'm afraid of it.

        Which grocery store chain are you duckin bro!?


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          Originally posted by Murcielago View Post

          Canelo is scared of Plant? Is that what you're saying?

          I don't think even Rexy himself buys that one.


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            Originally posted by ShoulderRoll View Post

            I don't think even Rexy himself buys that one.
            Nobody does, No one even really wanted this fight is akin to getting a Mandatory out of the way, we know why Canelo is fighting this fight but we rather see him fight someone else. Only people I see upset really arent even upset the fight is called off they are upset PBC couldnt sign Canelo and they are assigning that hate to Canelo because if it was really about the fight than they would really be upset at Plant who turned down the Deal first.


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              Originally posted by _Rexy_ View Post
              Demanding 40 mil if the fight doesn't happen is one of the most outrageous things I've heard of in a boxing contract, and he clearly doesn't want the fight. Either that, or he's just buying more time away from drug testing.
              I'm a big fan of Canelo, I just love his style of boxing, but I agree, this is a joke. Nash out.


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                Ginger is at it again full diva mode.


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                  Originally posted by Nash out View Post

                  I'm a big fan of Canelo, I just love his style of boxing, but I agree, this is a joke. Nash out.
                  The joke is... Caleb Plant turned down the fight first. Eddie Hearn offered Caleb Plant a Deal rumored to be the 10 million he asked for and Caleb Plant still turned it down because it was on Dazn. The deal you hearing about right now that fell apart is the one Canelo conceded to Caleb Plant demands of having the fight on PBC FOX.

                  Why is it a joke?
                  • On the PBC sponsored deal Caleb Plant conceded every request to Canelo and rumored to get the 10 million Plant was asking for, however that same deal was offered to Caleb Plant by Eddie Hearn to have that fight on Dazn earlier this month and also rumored Plant was to get 10 million aswell but Caleb Plant did not entertain that offer. Mind you, Had plant said yes to that offer he would get the money he asked for and all the other money issues would have not been a concern to his team (PBC/Haymon) as it will be Hearn/Dazn footing the bill. So that 40 million for a replacement his team (PBC/Haymon) has an issue with would have been a non-issue because they will not be paying that request it would be Hearn and Dazn paying that request. Caleb Plant the free agent turned down the Dazn/Hearn sponsored deal and elected to have PBC/Haymon sponsor a deal instead, Caleb Plant finalized his portion of that PBC/Haymon sponsor deal weeks ago (all the same concessions he would have expected to make to canelo on the Dazn/Hearn sponsored deal) the fall out was between PBC/Haymon and Canelo over issues that do not pertain to Caleb Plant directly as he has no say so in those matters (paying 40 million for a replacement) which again would have been a non issue on the Dazn/Hearn Sponsored deal.


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                    Dumbest thread I've read in a while. If Plant gets injured PBC is going to give Canelo 40 million to fight who? One of the ****ing Dirrells?