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  • Comments Thread For: Pacquiao: Spence Gives Chance To 'Make My Case' as an All-Time Great

    By Lyle Fitzsimmons - Manny Pacquiao. Say the name and you're sure to get a reaction. The huge majority would brand him a generational superstar thanks to a championship climb that's earned him sanctioning body recognition in seven weight classes. And even those who scoff at some of the achievements have no choice but to give him respect for still chasing greatness less than six months before his 43rd birthday.
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    manny is already an atg
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      August 21st please hurry up before everything gets shut down again.
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        Originally posted by GrandpaBernard View Post
        manny is already an atg
        agreed. not even a pac fan. but he already is an atg and while spence is my guy im rooting for pac.
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          Manny is either exercising extreme humility or he has an insane expectation for himself. He's been an ATG lol.
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            Pac already is....


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              It's a shame Manny didn't reveal what happened with the potential match-up with Crawford; I believe most fans are very eager to find out how much of the landscape at 147 is Crawford being picky, and how much is a promotional cold war.

              I feel like I should be writing this fight off, but I did that with the Thurman fight so a part of me is very curious to see which Manny turns up on fight night. If it's the bouncing in and out well-conditioned Pac who works to land that left with feints and traps, then Spence could be in for a tough fight.

              It's rare to see two big-name southpaws square off, and maybe that will work for Spence whom I think is more of a rugged, tough, awkward fighter than a super slick boxer.

              He'll have 5 inches of height and reach, but we've seen these so-called advantages sometimes become null and void.

              My greatest interest is how Pac will deal with Spence's punching power - he's a big WW, bigger than Thurman.

              I sense that Spence will just be too good for Pac, and if this fight had been made earlier one of the many WBA belts would have been on the line.


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                Pacman is already ATG. He has shown that it's not about the zero on your resume that makes you a great fighter, unlike most of current crop of American boxers' thinking.

                Though I pick Spence because of age, size, power and he's also a southpaw. Both are great fighters and they are always there in the ring to fight. A must watch bout.
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                  So...he didn't think that he was ATG caliber before?


                  what does one have to do become an ATG if Manny himself said that he needs to win against Spence to even be considered an ATG??

                  How many more divisions?
                  How many more titles?
                  How many more undefeated champions?
                  Are we simply overrating the previous generation?

                  We are almost near 30% through in this century...
                  and yet we probably only produced THREE ATGs

                  Is the 21st century the weakest century in boxing?

                  Is the 20th century the strongest and greatest century in boxing since they produced more than 20+ ATGs?


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                    Never fought.... Khan, which will haunt China Chin because he wanted that payday and sleep so badly.