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Comments Thread For: David Morrell Rejects Claims By Team Cazares: I Told You, I'm Not Chavez Jr.

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  • Comments Thread For: David Morrell Rejects Claims By Team Cazares: I Told You, I'm Not Chavez Jr.

    WBA "regular" super middleweight champion David Morrell made a statement last Sunday, when he knocked out undefeated contender Mario Cazares in a single round.
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    Don't mind these people. There's no controversy. You knock the guy out. Clean.
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      Just for the sake of the topic, many punches land near the ear, and isn't illegal.

      But hitting behind the head of an opponent is illegal, if intentional then certainly can be penalised or disqualified if repetitive.
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        The difference in skill level was obvious within seconds, and Cazares being a college educated man, was well aware of this fact, which is why he was strategically trying to headbutt to cause a cut because he realized he had no chance by boxing. He was fighting very dirty. Rabbit punch or not, he was getting knocked cold anyway.
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          ...I hope Morell before the end of 2022 will become the king of 168 pounds. The rest simply forget it!


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            Gotta admit Morrell is special


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              Cazares started with the dirty Tactics and Morrell gave it right back to him then he finished him

              Even Chavez Fight, even though I was rooting for him vs Chavez Jr...yeah he did use some Dirty Rough House Tactics and had Chavez Jr crying to the Ref all fight


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                Its only a matter of time before this Cuban loses to a good Mexican or black fighter


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                  You notice how they immediately jump at the “mexican” thing and make it racial?
                  What mexican thought this cross-eyed elotero had a shot?
                  PBC fights mexican nobodies like its going out of style.

                  PBC exists to validate blm audiences and give them their greatest dreams in illusion form.
                  Smoke and mirrors to appease still running wounds.

                  Morrell wants to make this statement?

                  Benavidez RTD 9 Dirrell

                  Morrell is welcome to try Alvarez so they can jump ship and claim that 168 sucked all along afterwards.


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                    Bad attempt by Team Cazares to save face