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Comments Thread For: Casimero: I Will Do Everything I Can To Beat Donaire; After That I Will Take Care Of Inoue

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    According to Rachel Donaire, there is no agreement to face rigo if he wins. He wants the Inoue rematch.


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      i believe this older version of donaire is better than the younger one.

      some ppl just assume that if your older, you're not as good as you once were. in the case of donaire, it may not be the case.

      there's some discussion about this, and if you really analyze his style, you can see he sets up, picks his punches a LOT better now.
      nonito says himself, that strategy plays a more important part of his game now, than before.
      and he's got still got the quickness and iron chin.

      aside from all the exp,
      nonito's punches are so much crisp and precise compared to casimero's wide hooks. i think donaire will put on a clinic.


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        One thing going for Casimero is that Donaire is literally old in boxing age (38 yrs old).

        He is in the 2nd wind of his career and we'll never know when father time will show up.