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Comments Thread For: Joe Rogan Found Mayweather-Paul To Be 'Amazing' - Explains Why

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    Originally posted by hitmanjosh View Post

    Uncle Roger always use this quote and I’m going to borrow it again today; Most People Don’t Know **** About Boxing! Period…. Duran started his career as a very small fighter and accomplished so much before he fought those guys whom were naturally bigger and gave them hell, and you didn’t mention what he did to Iran Barkley a guy Hearns could never beat, but Hearns destroy Duran because styles make fights. Duran beat a legend in Ray Leonard also, yes he did; whipped his ass! Whenever you ready to attend class let me know, I’ve been at this about 40 years now and I’m only 53.

    Majority of the legends start their career as smaller fighters. Anytime Duran resume is mentioned Iran Barkley is always the focal point lol. If you want to play that game, did Hearns not beat Wilfred Benitez a guy Duran couldn’t beat????? Or do those type of theories only apply for Duran? Robbie Sims beat Duran and knocked Iran Barkley out, is he better than Duran and Hearns? That’s how silly your Iran Barkley theory sounds. He did beat a young SRL then he did the most dishonorable cowardly thing a fighter could do. He quit!! He cheated the fans and his legacy once he quit. In the third fight his performance was atrocious and he got whooped all over the ring. I believe Mayweather-Pacquiao was a better fight. Biased fans judge legacy based off these two quotes, “he fought everyone he never ducked anyone” or “he was an exciting fighter”. All that is cool but only thing that matters in this sport is Wins and Losses. All that other crap is 2nd place morale victory bs.
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      Trolls on this website make it seem like Floyd embarrassed boxing, but whenever I hear from a casual or see people on social media, they sound more like Rogan here. They mostly just clown Logan Paul for holding or for getting beat up. Most people I've seen think Floyd held back or that he was carrying Logan. They even think Floyd actually knocked him out and held him up to keep him from going down.


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        Originally posted by kingstip9 View Post
        Damn I wish certain individuals would stop with the “greatest boxer of all time” nonsense.
        too claim that Floyd is the greatest boxer ever is laughable.

        duran was better fighter and had a better resume for starters.
        Depends on a person's perspective, you realize at the very core of the entire "better best greatest greater" premise is a guy's opinion, nothing is proven wrong, nothing is proven right , all depending on the perspective, Rogan is as much right saying he is as you are saying he isnt.