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Comments Thread For: Caleb Plant: I'm A Lot Faster Than Billy Joe Saunders, My Defense Is Better, I Punch Harder

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    Originally posted by factsarenice View Post
    Planet has a similar style to Saunders and he might (arguably) hit a little harder but he's not special. Canelo has beaten better boxers, harder punchers and fought the superior talent.

    I expect Plant to seemingly have some moments just before Canelo gets inside and forces exchanges. The fight will end with Canelo catching Plant on the inside with a short hook that puts him down.
    Yep! That sounds about right.


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      I think Calebs KO percentage speaks volumes about his “power”. Canelo is going to get bit by a couple of mosquitoes right before he breaks Calebs RIBS.


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        It's gonna be fun in the next 3 months trying to to convince myself that Plant has a better shot of beating Canelo than BJS had.

        Plant is what I would call an orthodox slick fighter, BJS is an ankward slick fighter, I do think Canelo will have definitely a much easier time trying to time Plant than he had trying to time BJS.

        Plant only got two things: a good jab, a good left hook.

        His left hook is gonna be innefective when Canelo starts pummeling that arm like he did with Callum's and when Plant realizes either two things, his left hook will land but make no damage or his left hook will be innefective because it won't land.

        I love Plant's jab, very accurate, long and consistent however I don't think it has enough pop to make Canelo's hesitant, Alvarez will probably walk forward blocking and parrying that jab and trying to time it so the moment Plant doubles it up or triples it Canelo will counter with either a left hook to body/head or right hook to the body, he can even get creative in there to try to counter with a stiff quick jab.

        Now, Plant is open to the overhand right as we've seen in the Truax fight, if Plant gets caught with that shot which I got no doubt he will, he will start walking back without knowing what to do.

        Guys, Mayweather was an elite fighter, he outboxed the **** out of you and he demanded respect but he did not inspire fear, Canelo is bringing fear on this guys because they know a counter can hurt them, GGG admited that he couldn't expose himself against Canelo because he knew what was coming back, Jacobs felt it, Kovalev felt it, Smith felt it, BJS felt it.

        There is always a chance Plant's beats Canelo, this is boxing, ┐Do I see it? Absolutely not, I can't be sure if it will be a stoppage thou, but one thing I'm 99% confident is that Canelo is gonna beat him without a doubt.

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          Originally posted by factsarenice View Post

          Do you really believe that or is this just your PBC bias talking? Rounds 7-12 will prove that Plant's jab isn't enough to can't keep Canelo off, the fight ends with Plant on the floor.
          Oh man that was like so cool bro....”pbc bias”....broooooooo that was just so G there son! You really got a good one in, that was like so tough and just brutal. You’re so cool.......I mean soooo cool....can we like hang out or something???


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            Originally posted by Oldskoolg View Post
            Plant is right on all counts and to add he is the superior athlete and is a natural super middle who probably should be fighting at light heavy. He is not a Jr middle who moved up to super middle. And contrary to what the casuals think, he does hit hard enough to keep anyone off him. This is an intersting matchup as Canelo is a counter puncher who likes for his opponents to come after him aggressively. He does not like to face pure boxers. The jab will be the key for the much larger and stronger plant
            Bro, have you watched Alvarez last 6 fights? Except the Jacobs one where he played more of a strategic "bob and weave center of the ring pot shoting" style, he has fought front foot heavy at all times without abandoning his defensive responsabilities, the guy did great against Saunders which imho is a more difficult style than Plant and who at least had already experience with some good names.

            Now you reference to Plant being this huge natural LHW doesn't tell me anything about this fight, i don't think it will make a difference comin fight night because I just think it's impossible that he hits harder than GGG, Kovalev, Jacobs or Smith..

            Agreed on the jab part, thou, however I don't think his "good, consistent, quick but not that powerful" jab will make a difference against Alvarez "educated walk forward parry and block punches defense".

            I've never bet on this site since I made my account on this site 10 years ago but ┐Would you like to bet points on this fight?


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              We all know this pbc coward is gonna price himself out. No way canelo fights on Pathetic Bum Cowards network.


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                Originally posted by Greenfield02 View Post
                Just the simple fact that Saunders is a South Paw, makes him harder to fight, even more that he is a South Paw that boxes and moves makes him tricker. Anyone who has ever spared or fought a lefty knows. I do think Plant will give a good account of himself and give Canelo rounds, but guys who are not at Canelo's level have gave Plant issues and have no trouble landing on him, to think that Canelo won't figure Plant out, is hard to think, anything is possible in boxing, but it's a long road for Plant in my opinion.
                Forgot to add that southpaw par on my other comments but I agree, you won't find anything much more harder to figure out than a slick ankward southpaw.
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                  Im not sure Plant is correct on any of those 3 claims.


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                    Man u know u better not hit Canelo. U gonna make that boy get mad at u


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                      Plant is right on all his claims. Will it be enough to beat Canelo? Probably not, but that doesn't mean he isn't right in saying what he said.