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Wilder now knows Tyson Furys gameplan, he can adjust for the third fight

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  • Wilder now knows Tyson Furys gameplan, he can adjust for the third fight

    wilder now knows that fury is going to come forward, the shock factor which played a huge part in the second fight won’t be there anymore, plus wilder clearly trained and sparred fighters whose gameplan was to run away So he wasn’t even prepared to fight someone who is coming forward. Now he will spar and train against fighters who will come forward.

    Tyson fury is in big trouble.

    im hyped for this third fight now, think wilder will knock fury out

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    He knew his game plan for the Second fight and look how it went ‍♂️‍♂️


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      Personally, I don’t think he can. Far too hard-headed and delusional. I believe he’ll try the exact same things and expect different results.
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        Wouldn't be too surprised if Wilder knocks him out. But even though I'm a Wilder fan, I still think Fury finds a way to pull a win. Wilder has previously shown an inability to adjust mid fight. I'd expect Fury to notice that Wilder is better prepared for him to walk forward and decide to just outbox him or make any other adjustments. If Wilder can't land big early, I see Fury adjusting and either continuing to walk Wilder down, or just outbox him. Yet I've seen few people mention Fury's inactivity, and him being mentally prepared to fight Anthony Joshua. I don't know if Fury is mentally prepared to fight Wilder and he may underestimate him which can lead to him walking into one of those freakish right hands. Once again, there could be an upset here.


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          I agree to a pt(in that I still think Fury would win,but Wilder never in a million years expected Fury to walk him down 2nd fight)

          Problem with Wilder is he doesn't hit as hard as he thinks,hes completely 1 dimensional & relies entirely on 1 single punch(windmill r hands),he doesn't hit hard when someone is hitting him back just as hard(but unlike Wilder furys left & right are powerful without needing to be at the exact proper distance,Fury can hurt him w both hands on the inside or perimeter) Wilder can't deal with a boxer who is hitting him with far more accurate shots cleanly while blocking his r hand,I said it before rematch that he looked like he was miserable & almost wanted to quit v Ortiz both fights,he was just lucky Ortiz had horrible stamina


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            I think his chances are about 20-25% if he comes into the fight in great shape. Great shape meaning light like the first fight with a training camp focused on strong legs and great stamina. If he’s 230+ with spindly legs again, about a 2% chance,


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              He will need to be fully open to changing his ways.seems to stubborn to do so, but welcomed the chance to see if he can redeem himself. I much prefer AJ ko the idiot fury in the unification fight whenever it takes place.


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                Realistically he's not 10% the boxer Fury is however you give him a third shot at it I mean he has a chance based solely on power


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                  Puncher's chance only. All he ever had.


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                    So the gameplan is...

                    HIT AND NOT GET HIT!!!

                    ...that's genius!