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Comments Thread For: Photos: Andy Ruiz Looking Very Slim, Grinds For Arreola Clash

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  • Comments Thread For: Photos: Andy Ruiz Looking Very Slim, Grinds For Arreola Clash

    Andy Ruiz Training Camp Photos Gallery - Less than two weeks remain before the FOX Sports PBC Pay-Per-View card on Saturday, May 1. The event is headlined by former unified heavyweight world champion Andy "The Destroyer" Ruiz Jr. battling all-action heavyweight Chris "The Nightmare" Arreola from Dignity Health Sports Park in Carson, California. (photos by Ryan Hafey)
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    He is not very slim, he looks like in first Joshua fight.

    IMO, if he is motivated, he is still N. 3 in division.


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      He worked out. He lost a little weight. It happens. He is still a fat chump who will dine out on the AJ win. But you should also remember that he blew it all too


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        He's clearly holding his breath is some of those pics


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          In almost a year and a half this is what he looks like? He could have EASILY lost 80 pounds in a year and a half; EASILY. I like Andy but cmon man I’m not looking for a six pack because that’s not in your DNA. However, you’ve still got mass amounts of flab. If you were serious you’d have lost a lot more.


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            Very slim? Lol on what planet? I know USA is a country full of humongous slobs but still

            he’s still fat by conventional standards

            slimmer compared to the second AJ fight but he wasn’t even able to wipe his own arse in that shape
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              He has done well, lost a ton of weight. You can tell because his jawline and neck are distinguishable now.

              Anthony Joshua was afraid of the morbidly obese Andy, this version will be even more dangerous.


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                Spray shouldn't be considerably more fit than a high level pro boxer but we are.

                I just do this for fun and maintenance not only that but am older than him.

                No excuse for him having the body of a city bus driver.


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                  Clearly sucking in his gut in that one pic. Looks hella dramatic though in comparison to letting it out and what he looked like against AJ in rematch. With that said though I'm not sure all the weight loss benefits him. It may of actually helped his punch resistance... I'm sure he'll be more active with greater stamina but his punch power may go down as the resistance. We'll see.


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                    he looks good lost a ****load of weight