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  • Originally posted by Naps View Post

    It's just disgusting that the fight got stopped for no good reason.

    Askren got to his feet, looked cognitive and steady when the ref was assessing him, and just pure shenanigans the ref waves it off.

    ​​​​​​Absolutely no reason for the ref to wave that off

    When he asked Ben to walk towards him, and saw him walk over like a new born lamb, he said ol boy must be hurt bad.

    Little did he realize that Ben just always has terrible foot movement. That wobble walk was part of his actual fighting style

    It's a moot point Ben wasn't suddenly gonna stick and move the rest of the fight. It was just a countdown to his KO loss
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    • Originally posted by Scopedog View Post

      Just watched the fight on youtube and was honestly shocked at how embarrassing the commentary was. People paid money to watch this.
      100% correct my good man.
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      • I just watched it, Askren looked chubby, he has not been training hard for this and stood square on to Paul the entire time, not even amateur level boxing know how. Trash.


        • Jake is great inspiration for young kids to stop playing video games and start training boxing


          • I did check youtube to check this "fight" so that I know what to comment on. Ok, Paul knows a few basics, but Askren can't box at all, even though he was a good wrestler in mma.

            I doubt that Michael Buffer or Al Bernstein were embarassed to be involved in this as long as they're getting well paid.

            It might not even be embarassing for a world class boxer like Prograis to have been on the card; because if the event was viewed by many, it's exposure, no matter how ridiculous.


            • MMA fighters are usually awful strikers. That’s the problem with MMA you get a matchup with two good wrestlers and what you end up with is a piss poor kickboxing fight.


              • Starting to think all Bens fight in MMA was fixed, he has been competing long enough to expose this fool, great matchmaking he might get a top ten ranking due to his popularity and record 3 fights 3 kos looks good. Lawrence Okolie you have a ready made challenger


                • To be honest, some of us that train at home and in the boxing gym casually for years, would knockout Askren.
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                  • Given what Askren brought to the match, it took Paul longer than it should have to knock him down. Paul needs a great deal of work if he intends to box any real pro. If nothing else, I can't believe how stiff he was against Askren -- as if he perceived that Askren was dangerous -- when from the get go it was clear that Askren hadn't a clue. This fight should have lasted forty seconds at the most.


                    • Originally posted by KingOfGlory View Post
                      The only bright side of this debacle is this probably kills any future Triller events after all the goodwill they received for the Tyson vs Jones PPV.
                      The Triller boxing guy was on Mannix's podcast the other day saying this card was trending similar to Tyson vs RJJ. I'd be surprised if it beat that fight, but I wouldn't be surprised if it did over a million buys.

                      And if it did a million+ buys I don't think we've seen the last Triller event.

                      In fact I know we ain't seen the last one cuz the next one is already booked with Teo main eventing & Real Deal as the co-main on June 5. Plus if ODLH didn't legit get sent to rehab after last night he's supposed to fight on July 3 vs a yet to be named MMA guy. Was talks of it being Eddie Alvarez.