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Comments Thread For: Fury: Joshua Has To Beat Me and Wilder To Be Best of This Era

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    Fury still hyping that Wilder win like it was something amazing. Wilder hasn't proven to be a top 3 HW, there's others with better resumes than him.
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      Originally posted by REDEEMER View Post
      Klitschko would have knocked Fury out in the rematch just like A.J is going to do .

      Wilder is irrelevant ,Fury and Klitschko are better wins . Wilder never defeated Klitschko because he couldn't.

      Lewis never defeated Bowe because Bowe refused to fight him so that logic from Fury isn't realistic like most of what he says .
      Kind of sums it up


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        Fury and wilder are clearly business partners, helping each other out. There is no logical reason for Fury to be selling the public to buy the big alabama bird legged fraud as a legit fighter. Fury knows wilder ducked $120m to fight Joshua and he will be lucky to get six figures to KO Haymon's next hired patsy arreola or kownacki while he continues to blatantly duck WHYTE.

        Fury is discrediting himself and his own authenticity by shilling for the biggest hwt fraud of the century.


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          Why is wilders name keep being mentioned when its HIGHLY unlikely he ever fights again. That mental destruction caused by the physical beating he got that night i personally dont believe he will ever recover from... atleast not enough to fight again... Wilder had a massive ego... he really 100% believed he was the best and couldnt be beat... and that his right hand would ALWAYS bail him out. The proof of this is the constant nonsense hes spewed since that loss.


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            This is one of the few times where I disagree with Fury. Wilder is less relevant to me than other boxers, eg Joyce, Yoka and Ajagba, right now. He was relevant when he did (beat him) but not now. Unless he can beat the likes of whyte, ruiz, parker.

   is now up to fury vs aj to see who's the best, and then beat the incoming prospects like eg Federer and Nadal did in tennis.


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              IBF, WBA and WBO disagree with Fury. As for WBC belt...Mauricio Sulaiman burred any respect when he blatantly assisted Wilder's assent and grip as champion. In the end, Wilder was a manufactured paper champion.


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                Fury: "If AJ wins he will still not have beaten anybody."

                You heard it. Fury acknowledges he is a nobody.


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                  haymon must have paid fury to start shilling wilder again. haymon clearly paid lennox lewis to shill wilder. expect a pr campaign soon to start shilling and selling the biggest fraud in hwt history deontay wilder, who is terrified of Dillian Whyte.


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                    Originally posted by Monty Fisto View Post
                    Fury: "If AJ wins he will still not have beaten anybody."

                    You heard it. Fury acknowledges he is a nobody.
                    The Furys aren’t bright people .unfortunately, he could have been a great ambassador to the sport but they are scatterbrained people full of illogical views and contradictions .


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                      Originally posted by Liondw View Post
                      Joshua would be the underdog against Fury, but he would beat Wilder, probably by KO.
                      Nope doesn't stand a chance.

                      It's amusing and embarrassing seeing people claim this when even daddy Hearn said he wouldn't want Joshus in the ring with Wilder until 2020.

                      Everyone and their dog knows Wilder KOs Joshua. Deep down they've always known it. Joshua doesnt have the heart. That much is obvious. He would have to completely dominate Wilder to get him out of there. The moment he lands a solid right hell get flustered and it will unravel from there. In Joshua is the same thing I see in guys like Dubois, they completely crumble when their plan A falls apart and they're too robotic and engineered as fighters to come up with a plan B or rely on instinct.

                      Wilder is a rude, arrogant, tough talking, scary black man so of course a lot of boxing fans will want him out of there. But Fury is right, Wilder isn't a guy you can go in there second guessing yourself against.