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There is no one way to beat Floyd Mayweather.

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    Originally posted by LeOoze View Post
    its hilarious that in every hypothetical fantasy fight floyd always gotta fight somebody ridiculously larger than him (ie Hearns or Felix etc).. Ffs this dude started at Super feather and everyone comparing him to welters who would move up to fight middleweight or even higher. truly amazing.
    The man beat everyone lol, the grubby haters must create fantasy to beat him it hilarious the lengths these fools will go to try and get an imaginary win over him , notice that none of them are intelligent but as dumb as rocks, there must be a link with obsessed haters and them having empty heads.


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      Originally posted by IronDanHamza View Post
      Shane Mosley talking total nonsense

      At no point did Floyd start “dancing and moving around” like he tried to claim.

      Floyd stood infront of him all night and walked him down as the aggressor for long periods also.
      Floyd was the complete package against Mosley. total skill display. It was amazing. Bow to Floyd. One of the most excellent boxing matches I've ever seen. He beat the crap out of Mosley as Larry Merchant was starting to suggest Floyd was featherfisted. He made him eat his words. I think it was round 6 or 9.
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        Originally posted by LarryX.... View Post

        lol. your thread title doe... arbitrary. incomplete without context.