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Comments Thread For: Ruiz: I Was Devastated By Loss To Joshua; Don't Wanna Make Same Mistakes I Did Before

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  • Comments Thread For: Ruiz: I Was Devastated By Loss To Joshua; Don't Wanna Make Same Mistakes I Did Before

    Andy Ruiz Jr. admits mishandling fame and fortune cost him dearly during his rematch against Anthony Joshua. Celebrating and living lavishly for too long between his fights with Joshua precipitated poor preparation for their immediate rematch in December 2019. A rotund Ruiz came in at 283 1/2 pounds for their second fight, 15 1/2 pounds more than he weighed for their first fight, and the former heavyweight champion performed accordingly.
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    man i can't wait for this mexican war.


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      “What a lot of people don’t understand is that I’ve been waiting for this moment my whole life,” Ruiz said. “And once that moment happened, you know, I kind went a little off the road"

      That is almost word for word the same explanation Tyson Fury gave for the depression he fell into after winning the titles from Wlad.

      Like Fury, Ruiz is a naturally talented fighter. I hope he gets his career back on track like Tyson did.


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        No more fat champions! You just can't trust them to not balloon up in weight between fights.
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          Unless he gets down below 240lbs I’m really not interested. He’s fought in shape before, he needs to be disciplined about his diet. If he’s not he’s wasting massive potential and talent


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            The problem with Ruiz is he may never get another chance again. He can stay 100 percent focused and dedicated and never get another shot like that.


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              Ruiz can only blame himself here. Ok he was covered by fame & fortune, but he's not aj who'd get chances even after 10 defeats. He's now stepped to the back of the wagon and he could just hope to fight some past glory or some prospect.


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                Him vs Wilder would be a great fight that would make a ton of sense for both at this point. Ruizs chin vs Wilders power.


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                  I will not pay for a PPV that supports this loser.

                  He’s the most disappointing heavyweight champion of all time.

                  He took one of the best stories in sports history and ruined it by not even trying to win the next fight.

                  He was too busy buying Rolls Royces and mansions to do his road work.

                  So **** him. He’s a piece of **** who deserves to lose to everyone.


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                    After that diabolical obsess performance against Joshua where he could only plod around the ring in the general direction of Joshua and hope to tag a running target , this kid has it all to prove .You might find he's really happy just being fat with a few million .I hope there's more , in the days where there's only one man standing , Tyson Fury he'd be a welcome addition to the lower flight Whyte, Joyce, and Parker who he's already lost to. In shape he'd be fancied to do a repeat job on Joshua but he can't afford to fight fat anymore and he's got to prove discipline which has not been his main asset before.