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  • Comments Thread For: Hearn: If Whyte Loses, Goal of World Title Could Be Out Forever

    Eddie Hearn, promoter for heavyweight contender Dillian Whyte, firmly believes that his boxer's career as a top fighter is certainly at stake this Saturday night, when he faces Alexander Povetkin in a high stakes rematch. Back in August of 2020, Povetkin scored a sensational fifth round knockout over Whyte.
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    The only way Whyte wins a title is if somebody gets stripped of their title and he fights a stiff for it.
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      This one won't be a shocker either way, but hope springs eternal. I get the impression, that Eddy goes so far out of his way to stack the deck, that his boys get careless. They disrespect the unknowns and worn names that Eddy scrapes up for them. The more he does, the worse it looks.Well, actually, it looks better than he planned.
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        Whyte is a tough but flawed fighter, better than a tough Chisora type journeyman, but certainly not champion material.

        A got wiped out off an old, shot Povetkin who was a top 3/5 fighter in his prime in apparently “one of the weakest times” in heavyweight history if you believe the casuals, not a good luck for this era.


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          Whyte is in a situation AJ was. He has to do everything to win to keep going forward.


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            Nah, if Hearn can put a fighter at the top of his PPv show who has ten losses as Chisora has then he can get Whyte a 'world title' fight with what would be three losses.


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     Fast Eddie says Whyte has gone back to his old ways and is spiteful.

              I guess that's code for, he's back on the 'roids and raging...


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                Sounds like Eddie has finally found a way to get this guy off his back. Surely he must get tired of paying lip service to Dillian while maintaining AJ as his number one cash cow. Povetkin will be doing Eddie a favour by pushing Whyte to the back of the line. If Dill wins it will be another two years of phone calls asking Eddie for his title shot.


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                  If Chisora is still in game with 10 losses, 3 Losses will not be a problem for Whyte.

                  But I guess Hearn is tired of Whyte and his avoiding AJ title shot.


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                    If Whyte wins, he should get a title fight.

                    He has the 3rd best resume in the heavyweight division.

                    Even if he loses the title fight, the man needs to be given the opportunity.

                    Whyte is probably burnt out already, after all of these wars back to back.

                    This title quest for Whyte, is like a never ending story 'I can see him being pitched against Wilder & Ruiz Junior even if he wins against Povetkin'.