Eddie Hearn, promoter for heavyweight contender Dillian Whyte, firmly believes that his boxer's career as a top fighter is certainly at stake this Saturday night in Gibraltar, when he faces Alexander Povetkin in a high stakes rematch.

Back in August of 2020, Povetkin scored a sensational fifth round knockout over Whyte.

After scoring two knockdowns in the fourth, a Whyte victory appeared to be within reach.

But, Povetkin came out in the fifth with a perfect uppercut that knocked Whyte out cold.

At the time of the loss, Whyte was the WBC's mandatory challenger and held the organization's sanctioning body.

Following the loss, Whyte exercised an immediate rematch clause.

"Must-win, because Dillian Whyte's aim is to win a world heavyweight championship," said Hearn to Sky Sports.

"Dillian Whyte's aim and our aim is to get him in the position to fight for the world heavyweight championship. Without that, I don't think he has any interest, career-wise. That is the ultimate strategy, aim, focus. If he loses against Povetkin, that is out - and it's not just out for six months or a year. That could be out forever.

According to Hearn, he's noticed a big difference in Whyte for this particular training camp.

"There's a difference with Dillian Whyte in this camp," said Hearn.

"He's gone back to his old ways. He's more spiteful. He's more short and sharp. He wants to do a job on Povetkin. But Povetkin comes into the fight surely with so much confidence. I know he went down twice in the fight, but he did take Whyte clean off his feet and knock him out. He'll be looking to do that again.

"I think it's going to be a firefight. I think Whyte is going to go out there and try and impose himself on the fight and I think he's going to try and knock out Povetkin in style. I think Povetkin will be thinking, 'one shot, once again it's over'. It's going to be a tremendous fight."