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Comments Thread For: Whyte: This Time When I Hit Povetkin He'll Stay Down

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    This clown has been fighting the same way since he turned pro...he’s learned very little in that time he went from a possible “B” level fighter to a “D” level fighter...along with his delusional attitude classifies him as a BUM....and if the fix isn’t in he’s going to get knocked out by a now 41 year old fighter....AGAIN


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      When Povitkin hit this guy, he will see nothing but white hahaha!!!


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        Well, It could happen but Povetkin doesnt get knocked out cold. He gets bounced off the mat 7-8 times when he loses but he doesn't go to sleep. Whyte has been sent to Narnia twice. If I was a betting man my money would be on Povetkin.


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          If Whyte wins they should have a rubber match anyway because nobody gives a **** about seeing him challenging for belts. While hes at it he can rematch Parker too.


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            Very little to zero interest in this fight, the under card looks rubbish as well.
            I expect whyte to beat povetkin this time round, whyte is back with his previous trainer mark tibbs so ain't going to make the same mistake as he previously did, it shouldn't go more than 2 rounds.

            ​​Then whyte will spout of his usual crap about how good he is blah blah blah.
            He had the opportunity to fight for the world title, he refused the 5 million he was offered due to the rematch clause, he's regretted it ever since and his bitterness shows.


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              Originally posted by thack View Post

              It is that , they are in the Parker , Chisora club not the elite but the mugs in the UK will buy Hearns poor PPv's and think they are being sold the top fights with the top fighters but as you rightly say these are second tier heavyweights.
              I don’t think so. I think it’s more likely that they will want to see the fight because the previous fight was entertaining and the fighters are both strong contenders. No one thinks these two are at the top of the tree. The most entertaining fights aren’t necessarily always between the best two boxers (far from it) and some people will be happy to part with their cash to see which way the fight goes.

              I bought the PPV for the first fight and I felt it was well worth it. I probably won’t for the second fight but that’s not because of the standard of the boxers involved.