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Who has a better chance at beating Canelo; Plant or BJS?

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    I don't think either win.
    But feel Plant would do better. BJS will cause Canelo problems early on but fade horribly as he always has.

    I think Plant would have more success over the distance and make it competitive throughout.


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      I don't either have a great chance but I'd say BJS. Saunders can be tricky and if he got lucky and caught Canelo on a bad day he could skip around on the outside for a decision, but it would have to be a real off day for Canelo to lose like that.

      Plant is just massively overrated, in my opinion ofcourse, he is a solid fighter, decent, but doesn't seem to excel in any dept. I think Plant has just been blown up cuz his soul is owned by Al Haymon and no fighters are overhyped like an Al Haymon fighter.
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        Neither. Canelo is not getting in the ring with a fighter unless they've agreed to what he wants...including diving.

        I want to say BJS but he's going to take the fight for the check only, not to win.


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          Originally posted by Thuglife Nelo View Post

          You still down for that bet?
          Sure, No problem


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            Originally posted by deathofaclown View Post

            Sure, No problem
            Good, don’t forget.


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              I'd say BJS. I think Canelo beats both, but I think he beats Plant with ease.


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                Probably BJS, just because he has been in there with better opponents than what Plant has, it’s easy for Plant to show better speed against low level opposition, let’s see his speed against Canelo. I mean his best opposition is Uzi whose punches you can see a mile away. Not that BJS possesses anything that Canelo hasn’t seen before. I just think BJS would use his experience to show Canelo more than what Plant can show. And the fact that BJS is a southpaw just makes it all more easy to decide.