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    Originally posted by James Hunt View Post
    That's crap.
    btw, how?! Fell in a bathtub?
    Masturbation accident


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      Originally posted by PRchamp View Post

      it sucks for us fans. Martinez is a fan friendly fighter and other than Canelo he was the other intriguing fighter on the whole card. If the undercard wasn’t so weak they would of cooked up a decent replacement but they won’t even do that.

      the big Chinese heavyweight versus Jerry Forrest is now the co-main event smh haha de pinga
      big time. this was the only fight on the card I was excited for but yup every other match on this card is just a showcase fight for prospects. hopefully the main event proves us wrong and turns out to be at least competitive. they should have had someone else on stand by in case another fighter has to withdraw from the fight. i'm sure arroyo worked his tail off in preparing for this fight with Martinez only to come to the conclusion it's canceled again


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        This wreaks of Frampton shet. I think Martinez couldn’t make weight and was going to get stripped. Or, he was so weight drained he was doing some simple mitt work and hurt his hand/arm. This things COULD happen since muscles,cartilage, all that shet requires water. Severe dehydration ala severe draining could impair you. That’s why IV’s were always popular in combat sports because of these weigh ins.
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          He knows Arroyo was going to KO his ass he chicken out shame!