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Comments Thread For: Arum: Triller Can Buyout Teofimo Lopez's Contract If They Like Him So Much, We Made $800K In 5 Minutes

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  • Comments Thread For: Arum: Triller Can Buyout Teofimo Lopez's Contract If They Like Him So Much, We Made $800K In 5 Minutes

    One of the most highly anticipated purse bids in recent memory culminated Thursday when the new kid on the block in Triller and its owner Ryan Kavanaugh put up $6,018,000 to stage a lightweight fight between Teofimo Lopez Jr. and George Kambosos Jr.
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    He absolutely cares.


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      I Hope Shawn Porter force the Purse Bid and Triller comes and take that fright from Top Rank too.


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        I can honestly say its about time Arum stepped as head of TR. He's mad at hearn for submitting for an open purse bid? WTF? Straight up says Lopez doesnt deserve the kind of money he's about to make? Throw that in with his whole bi.tch episode about Crawford's pay at the end of last year. Yup, its time for him to go and DuBoeff take over.
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          Originally posted by TheBoxGod View Post
          I Hope Shawn Porter force the Purse Bid and Triller comes and take that fright from Top Rank too.
          HELL YEAH....i do too. Hope all his marquee fighters hold out and force purse bids now...


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            I called that one right.

            Originally posted by paulf View Post
            Will be interesting to hear Arum's take here. If it had gone to DAZN, that's really bad for ESPN and Arum would be incentivized to retaliate, but Triller is kind of a non-entity right now. Hard to imagine them making a dent given how crowded the market is.

            Down the line, the [roblem is that Lopez might be asked to go into unification and make the same or less money than he makes against Kambosis. And then we're back to another standoff with Top Rank and a big fight wont get made because someone overpaid for a fight just to get it.

            Originally posted by BIGPOPPAPUMP View Post
            “If he wins and comes back to us and wants the same money that he got before, the answer is ‘no.’ So he sits out for a while. You can’t pay what you don’t have. He either fights, or he doesn’t fight. It’s easy,” said Arum. “Teofimo has a contract with us. There will be regular negotiations on his fights. Maybe Triller is so happy with Lopez they will give us a big number and buy out our contract with Lopez, which is fine also.”

            Arum was also angry that Eddie Hearn showed up to his fighter’s purse bid and further complicated matters in a bout the British promoter had no ties with.

            His position regarding Kavanaugh, however, was more pleasant.

            “Kavanaugh is absolutely great for boxing,” said Arum. “He’s not doing anything bad for the sport. He’s done numbers in the past with Tyson vs. Roy Jones Jr. that nobody else has done in boxing on pay-per-view. He’s not a competitor though. If he contacted me and said we’d give close to $1 million to have the Teofimo fight, don’t you think I would have agreed? Triller is not competition to ESPN. They are totally different businesses. ESPN could care less that Teofimo is on Triller, so good luck to them.”


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              Basically has now publicly bashed two of his top fighters and said they ain't worth jack ****.

              Yet Haymon is the hated one.

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                That's a terrible fight that Arum now doesn't have to pay for. I don't understand why he's upset.
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                  The old man is sour, good grief. And it just goes to show that Boxing is still the money maker and that's why you all these dudes trying to get their foot in the door. If UFC was such commodity you wouldn't have Fat Dan trying to get into boxing as well. I remember in the mid-2000s and 2010s everyone was claiming that the UFC was going to take over combat sports, well, I think it's safe to say it didn't happen, UFC has reached it's ceiling. And by no means I'm not saying UFC isn't profitable, but the Million buy's they get here and there ( mostly if Mcgregor fights) is the best they can do, not to mention they charge less than boxing, so it's less money. All I'm saying, Boxing is still King in 100+ years of history, I know I'll get responses from the UFC fans, but don't bother, you can talk to me when the UFC holds both PPV and live gate records, otherwise....
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                    How much would it cost to start a boxing league analogous to the UFC or Bellator? Starting small, youd have to start with unsigned fighters but eventually it could grow and push out these promoters. Bob is doing the opposite of promoting his fighters. Hes actually seriously saying his top fighter isnt worth much.
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