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Can there ever be a new G.O.A.T.?

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    Originally posted by pasawayako View Post
    PACQUIAO is now hailed as GOAT of the 21st century.
    Well, he's the modern GOAT


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      pac easily the goat of todays boxing.. 8 div champ, 5 lineal champ. 4 decades champ you couldn't ask for more.


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        Fighters can’t fight guys like me or you anymore, so no. Fans and media pressure the fighters to always fight someone with a pulse.

        The “back in the day they used to 3 times a day comment” leaves out that these opponents had losing records, and terrible records.

        Fans and media are savage nowadays. Look at Canelo for example, fighting Yildirim. He won’t hear the end of it. But back then, SRR could fight 10 fighters who are worse than Yildirim, a year, and 1-2 actual good fighters, and he is hailed as the GOAT. But yeah, fighters can’t do that now. So it will be hard to top those 100+ pro records due to fans and media wanting fighters to fight only top 10 P4P, top 10 Ring ranked fighters.


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          Floyd >> Ray


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            Originally posted by S A M U R A I View Post

            Right, agreed. Back in the day Sugar Ray would fight sometimes 3 times in 3 weeks, with a couple of those fights only 8 days apart! Ridiculous!

            Fighters these days are such babies in comparison.

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            Originally posted by ?ATAS View Post
            SRR is GOAT.

            And the only way it could happen is if that new person could fight 200+ times and do better than a run of 128-1-2 with 84 knockouts while winning the worlds welterweight and middleweight championships. Going on a 91 bout-winning streak can help too oh yeah, having over 100 KO's wont hurt either.

            The reason I disagree is because boxing itself has gotten more skillful,prepared & has so much knowledge available SRR didn't have access to & his generation of rivals didn't have either.

            The fact they fought so often just to survive as you say is exactly why those 200 wins back then are comparable to what future gens since then did in eras where boxing has state of the art training, nutritionist, most champs making mils of dollars allows them to have the preparation,stamina,&

            Theres just more truly elite fighters today that would most likely starch fighters of yesteryear because they earn more today & don't have to work dayjobs like SRR era(remember also that drugs were part of boxing back then in a major way, without testing basically. And remember that most those 200 wins of yesteryear were against Yildirims of yesteryear)

            SRR is 1 of the goat but its impossible to say whether hed be starched by the likes of Hagler,Leonard etc because boxing was like todays amateurs skillwise,they just didn't have the infrastructure or stability for there to be many star boxers.

            Duran,JCC, have like 100 wins yet they still get wrongfully shtted on to this day,because most the wins they have are C levels or worse,they have the same amount of good names that make up like 25 of those fights vs truly elite opponents.(thats still a ton,but comparable to future eras top fighters)
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              Originally posted by blowblow View Post
              pac easily the goat of todays boxing.. 8 div champ, 5 lineal champ. 4 decades champ you couldn't ask for more.
              The greatest of all time of today? Wtf does that mean.


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                Originally posted by Marchegiano View Post
                Floyd >> Ray
                Hell NO! Floyd not greater than SRR or SRL.