Chris Eubank Jr. cannot help but admire the gumption of Conor Benn.

Of course, for Eubank, it’s all, in the end, a moot point.

Eubank, the longtime middleweight and super middleweight contender, and Benn, the rising welterweight contender, are headed toward an intriguing 157-pound catchweight bout Oct. 8 at the O2 Arena in London. The bout has drawn outsize attention because of the fighters’ heritage: their fathers, Eubank Sr. and Nigel Benn, are British boxing legends and were sworn rivals during the 1990s.

The cocksure Eubank, 33, has approached the pre-fight publicity with a mixture of bemusement and blatant arrogance, saying that he needs to be only at “60%” to defeat Benn, who is 25. Per the terms of the contract, Eubank will also have to abide by a strict rehydration limit after the weigh-in.

At the same time, Eubank has complimented the younger Benn for stepping up what would be in effect two weight classes to fight him. Still, Eubank believes Benn has bitten off far more than he can chew.

“Yeah, it’s a big ask, but he has big balls,” Eubank said of Benn during a roundtable interview published on the Matchroom Boxing YouTube channel. “I respect that about him. It makes sense from a business perspective; from an ability perspective, it doesn’t. He’ll obviously tell you different. You won’t know until that bell goes.”

“There’s levels in the game,” Eubank continued. “He’s never done anything like this before. I’ve done this for years. He doesn’t know what it feels like to walk into the fire, in front of 20,00 people.”

Eubank has repeatedly stated that he does not think Benn can hurt him inside the ring. Eubank, who has fallen short in most of his highest profile matches throughout his career, said he is eager to see how Benn will respond against a fighter who is not only bigger than him but packs a decent punch.

“That’s the exciting thing about this,” Eubank said. “We’re going to find out something we don’t know about Conor Benn. We don’t know how he deals with adversity. We’ve never seen him get hurt. Will he be able to come through? We don’t know. He’s an unknown entity. He’s on a hot streak right now, knocking out guys, the hype train is there.”