CHICAGO — For every loud proclamation that boxing is dead, that the demise of the sweet science is imminent, there is quietly whispered a story about a fighter who got up off the canvas to finish a fight, or an underdog who prevailed…it’s these stories that keep boxing fans captivated.  One such story played out last Friday night in Brooklyn.  Donovan George headlined TruTV’s Friday Night Knockout series, facing Seanie Monaghan in a bout scheduled for ten rounds.

In addition to noting Geoge’s incredible heart and resilience, most post-fight articles, as well as social media posts and tweets from fight night noted the ‘wincing’ that occurred every time George threw his right hand after it was broken during the second round.  Begging the ringside doctor to allow him to continue, George took Monaghan’s onslaught through the remaining eight rounds, unable to mount a successful attack due to his broken hand.  He wasn’t going to lay down and stop fighting, and he wasn’t going to be taken out of the fight.

The lead-up to fight night was punctuated with a promise from George to “clean out the Top Rank stable at 168 pounds,” first defeating Monaghan, and then setting his sights on Jesse Hart.  In George’s eyes, the plan hasn’t changed.  He and his promoter, Bobby Hitz, only hope that Monaghan has a desire to fight a healthy Donovan George.

“It was such a terrific fight that we hope Seanie will give us another shot,” said Promoter Bobby Hitz.  "It is our hope that Seanie and Top Rank will do it.  The fans want it, deserve it, and boxing needs it.”