By Luis Sandoval

Nonito Donaire suffered his first loss since 2001 as he was defeated by amateur sensation and now unified champion Guillermo Rigondeaux last Saturday night at Radio City Music Hall in New York. Surprisingly after the fight, Donaire said he felt he had done enough to win the fight or at the very least earned a draw which wasn’t well received by fight fans who felt Donaire had clearly lost.

Donaire was on the recent episode of BoxingScene Radio and he was asked now that a couple days had passed and he had got a chance to watch the fight, if he still felt he did enough to win.

"I don't think that I did enough to take the fight from him. I did do enough to entertain the people but again, when you're in there it's a different story because you push and you push and you try to make the fight happen and I felt I wasn't really getting tagged with a lot of things. But looking at it now, it’s a different story. It's a different story than what you see in there because the guy is moving and he's tagging you and of course he's getting those points. But when you're in there it seems like it’s [just] a jab and you're just trying to keep forward and press forward. And that's how I felt getting out of the ring, that I deserved enough but you know, looking back now, it wasn't enough” admitted Donaire.

Nonito admitted he didn’t follow his corners instructions like he should’ve and resorted to looking for one big shot instead of throwing combinations like they had worked on in camp.

“It's a could've, would've [situation]. If we [had stuck] to the plan and threw a lot of combinations like we planned to do, instead of that one punch knockout mentality. I had in my head 'oh this guy is going to fall if I get him with one punch' but he turned out to be a lot tougher than I expected. I felt the same as [Vic] Darchinyan did when he said he believed in his power but I didn't [practice] what I was always preaching. Your power is nothing when you can't really land it properly. And that was the ironic thing because I always said that and yet I was the one doing and falling for that because I believed in the power I had and didn't follow the instructions that I was supposed to. I looked sluggish. I looked slow and sluggish and I just didn't do my job” Donaire would tell BoxingScene Radio.

While many felt Donaire was making an excuse about his shoulder, the injury is very real and he will actually be undergoing surgery this Friday. The surgery will definitely sideline him for some time but the Filipino Flash hopes to be able to get back in the ring again in 2013.

“I plan to be back before the end of the year. They were looking at, at least 6 months but if I take care of myself and the way I heal, I heal very fast. So we're looking to be able to come back to the gym around 4 months or so and start training but it's a long process as you have to do rehabilitation and all this other stuff. But they are telling me 4-6 months but I want to be back [before end of the year]” informed Nonito.

You can listen to Nonito Donaire’s interview in its entirety by listening to the BoxingScene Radio podcast:

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