Rising Florida star Dominique Francis is excited to continue his progression as a professional, with the former amateur standout looking to stay undefeated in the pro ranks on January 8 at the Delray Beach Boxing Club in Delray Beach, Florida.  

Francis hails from Miami but has found a home at DS Boxing and Daru Strong Performance Center in Boca Raton, Fl, under the guidance of Derik Santos. 

‘Trapp’ Francis (9-0, 6 KOs) discussed his relationship with Derik Santos and hopes for his next outing. 

Dominique said, “Derik is a great man he truly is. Derik and my father are who I’ve learned from in life and boxing. I love going to the gym and constantly know I’m learning and improving with Derik. That’s what boxing is about and I’m hungry to learn every day. 

“I’m excited to start the year off with a bang. I’ve never been out of the gym and training with Derik at the Daru Strong Performance Center is just turning me into a good professional that can be a world champion. That’s the goal so on January 8 I need to prove that’s the level I’m going to.” 

Chris Algieri also shares a base with the Miami upstart, and the featherweight all-rounder gave his take on Algieri’s impact on the DS Boxing Camp. 

Francis said, “Chris is a tremendous fighter. He lives the life of an athlete. He is a great example to all the fighters in the gym on how you should treat your career as a professional. I’ve shared a ring with him and there are many different parts of his game I don’t think a lot of people realize. Chris has so much ability in life, he’ll come back from the Benn loss better than ever. 

“I’ve been blessed to be around a lot of good fighters from the amateurs to the professional ranks. I’ve won multiple amateur titles from being around the likes of Chris Algieri, and my plan is to continue to do that as a pro.”