Montréal - Only 9 days left before the bell rings in a fight that will make history in Quebec. WBC World Light Heavyweight champion Adrian Diaconu (26-0-0, 15KO) and contender Jean Pascal (22-1-0, 15KO) are at the final stages of their preparation in their respective camps.  “The Shark” is adding the finishing touches in Montreal, and Pascal in Florida.  The Montrealer by way of Romania took offence to comments made by his opponent yesterday on Radio Energie, a local radio station.  Pascal alleged the WBC gave him a gift by declaring him their World champion.  His reply had a lot of bite!  “World champions do not receive championship belts as gifts, we win them! It takes courage, determination, desire and perseverance to become a Champion.  I showed the world all those virtues when I beat Chris Henry in Romania and I am still undefeated.  Jean Pascal cannot claim the same achievements.”

According to several local polls, the champion Diaconu is slightly favored to retain his title with a 54% to 46% edge.  Jean Pascal is not worried about these results. “It is normal that the champion is favored but I must warn those in the group of 54% not to bet too much money because they will lose!”

Marlon Wright to referee

The President of the WBC, Jose Sulaiman, together with the Director of Combat Sports in Quebec (RACJ), Mr. Richard Renaud, have selected the officials for what will be the first World title bout between two Quebec athletes on Canadian soil. Montrealer Marlon B. Wright, in his 9th year of refereeing, will be the third man in the ring.  Marlon will be working his 7th World title bout.  Judges for the contest will be John Keane of Wellingborough, UK, Montrealer Jack Woodburn and Maximo De Luca from California.

Busy week ahead!

Main Event boxers and their teams will be on hand next Monday morning at 10 AM at the Radio-Energie Studios in Montreal to meet with the media and to discuss their preparation and ambitions regarding the bout. Tuesday morning is reserved for media workouts. Jean Pascal will work out at 11 AM at GYM’s boxing facilities, and Adrian Diaconu at 1 PM at the Claude Robillard Sports Complex. The Official Weigh-In will take place at 3 PM on Thursday, June 18th at Thursday’s Restaurant & Bar located on Crescent Street.  This will be the final activity before the first bell rings June 19th at 7:30 PM live from the Montreal Bell Centre.